Used as guinea pigs with US help

Used as guinea pigs with US help

As for Moscow, Ukraine has set up scientific research laboratories with the help of the United States using sick human guinea pigs from the Kharkov Psychiatric Hospital.

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According to Russia, Ukraine will establish scientific research laboratories using Like mentally ill human guinea pigsAnd. This is what was claimed by an investigative committee set up by the Kremlin to investigate the alleged clandestine laboratories in Kyiv. According to the commission, in fact, documents and evidence of existence were collected during the advance of the Russian army Alleged Ukrainian biological laboratories With the participation of representatives from the United States, experiments will be carried out on people with mental illness against their will. “According to the new information, US representatives used patients from a psychiatric hospital in the Kharkov region as guinea pigs. To conceal their identity, US researchers could have reached Ukraine through third countries,” the commission told TASS.

The committee will review the reports of the Russian Ministry of Defense In addition to criminal investigations into alleged crimes committed by the Kyiv regime against civilians and alleged illegal searches, he will conduct a legal assessment of the activities of all persons involved. The data confirms “many Violations of the Biological Weapons Convention” He argued from Moscow, explaining that the Ukrainians and Americans conducted tests with potentially dangerous biological substances on psychiatric patients who were in the hospital. “Mentally unstable subjects were selected for the experiments based on their age, nationality and immune status,” a committee spokesperson explains.

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Previously, the head of the radioactive, chemical and biological defense forces of Russia, Igor Kirillov, denounced that “by exploiting loopholes in international legislation and the lack of a clear monitoring mechanism, the US administration is systematically increasing its military and organic capabilities in different regions of the world.” According to Kirillov, American specialists stand Testing of new drugs that exceed international safety standards Exploitation of laboratories in Ukraine and thus significantly reduce the costs of research programs. According to Kirillov, major pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Moderna are also involved in the project, which has seen the United States invest more than $350 million. For the military, “Ukrainian government agencies hide field studies and clinical trials and provide necessary biomaterials,” while Ukraine becomes “a testing ground for Western countries in making biological weapons components and testing new models of pharmaceutical products.”

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