Girona holds a local security meeting after the double crime in Font de la Polvora

Girona holds a local security meeting after the double crime in Font de la Polvora

Photos of the wreckage of the home of the alleged perpetrator of the fatal shooting in Font de la PolvoraAniol Recyclosa


to’Girona City Council One was called Local Safety Council Which will take place the same next week Double crime Subordinate Font de la Polvora neighborhood Saint John’s Night. Moreover, the Council issued Two days of official mourning In the city and once again condemned the events that “should not be repeated.”

Mayor, Luke SalellasAsked “Serenity I calm“We need to continue working in the neighborhood to help this not happen again,” he admits. “This is not just resolved through speeches, but through concrete actions and that is why we have already called meetings to start doing this,” Salillas said.

The police confirmed that one of the victims was A Municipal worker What did you do He cooks At the reception center soup.

The double crime caused the night of Sant Joan in the Fonte de la Polvora neighborhood Panic among the residents of Girona. For this reason, the mayor, Luc Salellas, stressed that what happened was “highly unusual” and asked citizens to “calm down,” at the same time reaffirming his “firm” condemnation of the events that occurred around it. At a quarter past eleven at night, following a quarrel between two women. Salillas explained that they “will continue to work as they have been doing for a few months” to improve security “beyond the police point of view.”

On Monday morning, the mayor signed an order to hold a local security meeting to begin a process “with all relevant actors.” The goal is to prevent incidents of this type from occurring again. “It exists today,” Salias explained.Tense calmIn Font de la Pólvora where there is a “permanent” police presence to prevent new incidents.

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Photos of the deadly shooting in the Fonte de la Polvora neighborhood


It is worth noting that on Monday morning there were many friends and relatives of the two dead people The house was destroyed Where the suspect in the double crime lives, who police have been searching for since eleven o’clock on Sunday night, and who managed to escape after shooting four people and running over one of the fatal victims.

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Video | They destroyed the home of the alleged perpetrator of the fatal shooting in Font de la PolvoraDrafting

“The neighborhood is quiet now, although some events must occur that are very complicated. What we have to do now is to make sure that the Mossos are in the neighborhood, but that we do not suffer if there are more accidents,” the mayor points out.

Municipal worker

In the media coverage he highlighted in the afternoon, Salillas confirmed that one of the two dead – the woman – was a municipal worker who worked as a cook at the La Suba reception center, in the heart of Girona’s old quarter. He explained: “A fact like this is very sad for you anyway, but as mayor, the murder of a municipal worker is a fact that makes us very sad.”

“In fact, they made themselves available from the city council to the murdered woman’s colleagues and were escorted so they could.”Loss management“From his mate.

Calm down in Trueta

Another flashpoint this Sunday was Girona’s Josep Trotta hospital, where dozens of people, including relatives and friends of the victims, went. After a moment of tension forced Mossos de Escodra to act, the spirits calmed down and the gathered people returned to the neighborhood.

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Video | Thus, the relatives tried to enter Trotta and confronted the police

On Monday, about fifty people were approaching him, but the Moussos maintained a police presence to avoid serious damage and no incident was recorded.

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