Vincenzo Malenconico, what is the topic of Ray 1?

Vincenzo Malenconico, what is the topic of Ray 1?

There is a new character that her fans Rayono And the by RaiPlay He will know very soon: he is the protagonist Attorney Vincenzo Malenconicothe new TV series to be broadcast From Thursday 20 October 2022 On the first network opinion. Just to make this new character known to the public and the press For today, Monday October 10, 2022 at 12:00Press conference with the hero’s interpreter and the rest of the cast.

In fact, there is Massimiliano Gallo, (Vincenzo), Teresa Sabonangelo (Neves), Denis Capeza (Alessandra), Lina Sastre (Asunta)) and the rest of the representatives. In addition to them, they will talk about the series Maria Pia like yourselfboss Ray silhouette; Alessandro Passadorthe creator purple film; boss Alessandro Angelini And the Diego de Silvathe author of the books on which the series is based, but also the screenwriter.

Attorney Vincenzo Malenconico It tells the vicissitudes of Vincenzo, a separate but affair lawyer with his ex-wife, who is practicing but struggles to make it to the end of the month, but above all who knows how to handle the most serious, dangerous and lightest cases with the same disruptive power.

Sympathetic, careless, wise and childlike, Vincenzo encounters a case linked to Camorra between comedy and mystery, driven by firm principles but at the same time without being able to find that courage and determination of his dreams and that’s also an extraordinary imagination advised by a friend of his.

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