Antonella Fiordelesi and Eduardo Donamaria are increasingly distant – VIP Big Brother

Antonella Fiordelesi and Eduardo Donamaria are increasingly distant – VIP Big Brother

exactly when Eduardo Donamaria And Antonella Fiordellisi They seem to have found a way to live together putting aside misunderstandings for a while, and mutual resentment sets in again.

After spending some time playing in a group on the balcony, Edoardo decides to leave, stating that he does not want to spend time in Antonella’s company. Thus the former duelist decides to join him to ask him the reason for his behaviour, but Donnamaria rebuffs her, insisting that the questions that currently cannot be resolved should not be reopened.

“The less I have to do with you, the better” says the important character, while Antonella does not explain the reasons for her displeasure, she is sure that she is on the side of reason. “After what did you do?” Respond. “I have nothing to say, I’ve spoken enough.” Edoardo’s comments definitively close the question.

However, Antonella could not find peace and after a few moments returned to him with a new charge: “Can you tell me what game you’re playing? Do you have a script?” Asked. Edoardo continues, firm in his point of view, and to Antonella who asks him if he has thought about what happened in the last days, he replies: “You are a fake”. “Do you realize what you’re saying to me?” The former swordsman replies annoyed and, in the grip of anger and frustration, walks away with some emotion.

In the kitchen, the VIP finds Dafydd ready to console her: “You can’t talk to each other, you just have to walk away. Now is not the time to be around him.” It’s not the right time, he says, convinced to turn to Eduardo.

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According to Davide, time will help heal the wounds and provide clarification: will he be right or is the break between #Donnalisi final?

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