May 1st, Concert in Rome – Culture and Shows

May 1st, Concert in Rome – Culture and Shows

The traditional May Day concert takes place in Rome. To kick off the musical marathon, which returns to the already crowded Piazza San Giovanni two years after the pandemic, the Ukrainian group Go_A with some refugees sang a message of peace in their own languages ​​before singing an imaginary to John Lennon. “We all came from war zones and sent a message of peace – said one of the singers -. You didn’t understand what we said but you know it by heart, written by an Englishman many years ago. Music is the language. We have always united.”

“Freedom and action are the rights of every human being and the word respect cannot be ignored. But there is a right in grave danger, and another less right: peace. That is why CGIL, CISL and UIL wanted this message: “In Action for Peace.” “Ambra Angiolini was taken to conduct a May Day gala in Rome for the fifth time in a row, to salute Piazza San Giovanni, which has come back to life two years after the pandemic. The marathon course is entirely dedicated to the war in Ukraine and the showgirl and actress wears a jacket in the stricken country’s colors, yellow and blue.” Let us hear the evil he does, let us invoke the holy peace of Ukraine. But there’s also another war we haven’t finished that has claimed 189 lives in the past few months,” Ambra recalls, referring to deaths at work. And the murky weather didn’t stop a number of fans.

“Happy May 1st and good prom everyone. I wish I could be there but I think my invitation is lost.” It’s the message posted to an Instagram Story by Fedez. Last year, the rapper was the hero of a long feud with Ray and with the organizers, accused of wanting to censor him.

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