The troubled breakup between Maria Jose Suarez and Alvaro Muñoz Escasi

The troubled breakup between Maria Jose Suarez and Alvaro Muñoz Escasi

Maria Jose Suarez and Alvaro Muñoz Escaci shine in summer scandal after rumours of their separationan event that captured media attention with every new development. What initially seemed like an amicable breakup turned into a storm of accusations and betrayals, causing great distress to the model.

And the latest news was Discovered by Maria Jose From touching the videos in the hands Valeriana trans woman shared special moments with her Escasy to king couple’s house Maria Jose He fears that these videos will come to light, which could seriously damage his public image.

The Heart Magazine revealed that. Valerian They could have gotten a lot of money to destroy it. Files There is much that is unknown: What do these videos show? How much money was paid? Who is behind this cover-up?

the weather Rumors Did not stop Escasy He stated that he had never been faithful, claiming that he had an open relationship with Suarezthe version that categorically denies..upset and indignant, Maria Jose You may consider taking legal action against EscasySome of his television statements could be considered, in his opinion, defamatory.

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TardeAR provides more details about the content of the file. Files. According to what one journalist said. “She fears that the videos, photos, audio recordings or personal texts that the woman who was with Álvaro Muñoz Escasi had in her possession will see the light of day.” while Escasy He confirms that he did not sign any agreement. Valerian He asserts that someone from his environment did it. It was even mentioned in the show. ‘From Friday!’ Graphologists analyzed the signature and concluded that it did not belong to him. Escasy.

An additional worrying element is the email that Valerian Sent to Maria Jose, Single male file specific can damage itThis revelation has added further tension to an already explosive situation.

Alvaro Muñoz Escasi in the movie “From Friday”Telesenko

in the meantime, Escasy Looks like Complete In his life and was seen with his new friend Laura Londono MadridIt is also said that it is possible that he will strike a deal with Telecinco to be a collaborator on the TardeAR program.

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