Boris 4 review of the new season of the series and hypotheses on Boris 5: blog on the day

Boris 4 review of the new season of the series and hypotheses on Boris 5: blog on the day

It was at the beginning of February 2021 when the meaningless song “so de Botto,” came out news That millions of people have been waiting for about ten years, since the movie that was supposed to be the official finale after three seasons From the series: Boris 4 It has finally transformed from a forbidden fan’s dream to official projectwith a meeting old cast Full or almost full.

On October 26, 2022 they finally came out on the “Podium” Disney + All episodes of season 4 of BorisAnd for those who – like us – had been waiting for that moment for so long, there was a fear that was impossible to ignore: what if the new episodes weren’t up to par? What if Boris 4 spoil our sweet memories related to this series?

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Well, if you haven’t seen it yet Boris 4 It is precisely for these doubts, for this fear of frustration, that we return to you with our review. To convince you to watch it, and thus – indirectly – favor the possibility of a season 5 as well: because yes, Boris 4 It’s not a final round of nostalgic waltzes, but it could become a reboot of one of Italy’s most popular series ever. So, let’s try to impress you by first summarizing the plot (no spoilers) and then the reasons why we liked it so much.


What is Boris talking about 4

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After all these years, de . started The eyes of the heart (Based on medical dimension…) finds himself in a necessarily crazy project because it is born out of the sick mind of Stannis La Rochelle: a TV series (no longer called fiction) about the life of Jesus, where Stannis is of course Jesus.


However, the first miracle that is performed is convincing those responsible for the dummy “platform” to acquire and produce this series. In this sense, the fact that the person in charge of the podium is Alessandro (Alessandro Tiberi), aka Seppia, or former job apprentice, can be crucial.


And so begins the filming of this crazy project, which brings together old friends and colleagues, but also some new faces, in front of and behind the cameras. SNIP – then not the Italian production – by Stannis and Corina (Carolina Crescentini), and with QQQ – Quality Quality – by Diego Lopez (Antonio Catania) will he be able to bring to life a one-off product “almost..or a dog”? Doubt is legitimate but we don’t go further so as not to spoil and invite you to watch Official Announcement The new season of Boris

Why you should not miss Boris 4

If we were to sum up in one sentence the answer to the question “Why do we look?” Boris 4? ‘, we might say: Because it lives up to previous seasons, regardless of the number of episodes.


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Somehow, it looks like this Boris 4 It wasn’t a new season that was written, filmed, and presented over ten years later, but as if eight old but unreleased episodes had sprung from the archives. Same technical level, same fun, we would have said the same quality were it not for the fact that “the quality has broken the c.”. Then you laugh, you walk around like in the old days, and you instantly feel younger.

Then, however, you notice the wrinkles on the performers’ faces, the balding of Sermonti-Stanis, the graying of Pannofino-Renè, and you realize that time has passed for everyone, both in the audience and in the cast. Except for Caterina Guzzanti-Arianna (but maybe her consistency depends on the fact that we’ve always been in love with her).


And then you do not need “heart eyes” to look Boris 4 And laugh to cry. Actually, we don’t want to ruin anything but at a certain point we cry only when there is duty Tribute to the late Mattia ToureCreated by Boris with Giacomo Ciarabico and Luca Vendroscolo many years ago.


For this reason, regardless of any talk of plot, new and old translators, new and old plots, the vision of Boris 4 Totally recommended for anyone who loves old Boris and his characters, even “minor” characters like Biascica, Duccio, Lorenzo, Alfredo, Mariano, Nando, Glauco and all the others.


Because in this new season we’ll reflect ourselves, laugh and cry, feel younger and old, and pray the damned algorithm to give the “lock” Boris 5.

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Rating: 10

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