The Science of Dreams: Our subconscious makes us touch a reality that is still waiting to be discovered!

The Science of Dreams: Our subconscious makes us touch a reality that is still waiting to be discovered!

Our subconscious actually hides many important things that we are not aware of. This is why it also becomes important to try to understand the significance and weight of our dreams. Let’s see how.

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The science of dreams is a very important field that tries to delve into the subconscious by looking for solutions towards pleasant paths compared to what we face every night that is reflected in the day.

Dreams often leave us speechless, make us think, scare us, and sometimes even give us insignificant surprises. Philosophy moved precisely to dreams, with analyzes by many thinkers, with interventions also coming from the world of art. Just think of the cinema that even with films like Nightmare New Incubo made the world of dreams a parallel, alternate universe.

Sleep is a physiological necessity for each of us, it helps us restore physical and mental energy. Thus, our brain is able to process many thoughts and often also to improve health by managing to recover situations that were previously slightly flawed. But be careful because the unconscious often hides things that we are not even aware of.

The subconscious, the science of dreams is making great strides

This is how the science of dreams takes over the field, capable of making giant strides in the search for answers from our subconscious. When we fall asleep, sleep is divided into three different cycles, each about 90 minutes long. Non-REM sleep is predominant sleep and is characterized by a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Then there is REM sleep which is instead characterized by an increase in the factors mentioned above. Specifically, in the latter, we go to detail the dreams that remain imprinted in our minds.

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There is a theory about dreams that outlines how the brain processes information and memories accumulated over time. The brain at this point reconnects with different brain regions that can lead to the creation of scenarios that seem real to our imagination. This explains why dreams seem real. However, not all dreams we have are identical to each other. Some, as mentioned, process information and memories, while others result from stress, depression, and anxiety. Still others are evident as the dreamer realizes that he is in the sign rather than in reality.

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A controversial area that brings us to this point is the interpretation of dreams. Many believe that the unconscious, our desires, and fears are hidden within it. On the other hand, others believe that dreams can be a way to bring out our deepest fears, our problems. Meanwhile, science continues to work in search of a solution.

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