Inside the flag metaverse

Inside the flag metaverse

The metaverse, powered by the blockchain, could be just the right push to give life to a new paradigm of science, Decentralized Science (DeSci).

For many diseases, the treatment of which proved unprofitable for Big Pharma, unfortunately there are no approved drugs. Many patients who currently suffer from these diseases rely on highly personalized medicine, often locally, to manage their disease.

What if a group of people with the same rare disease could Join and pool resources and crowdfunding to cure this disease? This is possible, but only if the appropriate technology appears. This technology could be the metaverse powered by blockchain technology.

Decentralized science, upload your genome into the metaverse

The science of the genomic metaverse
The new branch of Decentralized Science (DeSci) will allow you to share your genome within the metaverse

Imagine, instead of relying on how profitable it is to treat your disease to cure, you could map your own genome, which now costs about $1,400. Once you map your genome, you can see the proteins your body makes.

In the future, you will be able to enter the Metaverse of Decentralized Science (DeSci) And with your wallet connected, Upload your genome. The community can then take a look and possibly start working on treatments for your personal illness. You can send the fee for such treatment From your wallet to an escrow account.

You can tell the audience what’s going on, and then offer a reward or crowdsource in exchange for a solution. with the NFT . Technologywhoever offers a bonus can own Division of interest in this research and development. Anyone can put on their VR headset, enter the Metaverse and start using the platform Receive various rewards for scientific creations and contributions.

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This will eventually be necessary to make a vision Jeff JarczykA former major contributor to Bitcoin and founder of Bloq, a centralized and decentralized flight path. In short, it is likely that a few players will be the ones showing the disease bonuses and taking a partial ownership stake. They will allocate funds to help crowdsource the development of more libraries and presentations that others may use.

How can it be used?

In the current grant system, generous donors or donor companies provide a grant for a specific research project. The IP addresses generated as a result of these grants are quite complex. With NFT or token based affiliate program, Universities can get tokens Or they receive them after certain, simple procedures and they can start crowdsourcing their research. If a particular professor is an expert on a particular topic but is missing an important part of the problem solving (a cure for a disease) Can give reward by using tokens. We see this as one Basic democratization of the scientific process.

This creates a royalty-like architecture for innovation. If you offer a reward for curing a particular disease, it is It is possible to earn a percentage with those who produce it. This creates a free market economy built from smart contracts. If enough people are interested in treatment, they can try to achieve it on their own.


The metaverse scientific ecosystem has the intellectual property registered on the blockchain to keep track of that data, Data exchange between users in the marketAnd distribute rewards for cooperation and manage rewards. If the user has intellectual property rights, his The wallet address will be associated with the specified IP address. Multiple wallet addresses, with a specific percentage allocation applied in the metadata, can claim different parts of a single treatment.

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On networks, if you pay everyone for a submission, you will end up with a massive amount of spam on the network. Codes in such a system help prevent spam. The blockchain industry has already generated a lot of research on trust-based spam mitigation. The data in the scientific metaverse will be very valuablein part thanks to spam mitigation techniques.

Main Research Objectives metaverse It will be pursued by a diverse group of scientists and citizen scientists working together. How do we get to Mars? How can we eradicate cancer? We also think there is enough public interest in wanting to solve these types of ailments. Metaverse of Science will create an infrastructure to create financial incentives for research and development that Big Pharma does not. sure, The Holy Grail is to ensure that this is decentralized With as many motivating participants as possible.

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