Amici 21, which is Michelle, is all about Alessandra Celentano Bobello

Amici 21, which is Michelle, is all about Alessandra Celentano Bobello

Each of his shows gets a standing ovation and his polite personality has made him love even at home. Let’s get to know Michele Esposito better, Amici 21 dancer and pioneer Alessandra Celentano.

evening Friends 21 Now in full swing and the game is getting more and more difficult. between dancers Still in the race there Michel Espositofrom team Rudy Al-Zorbi And Alessandro Celentano. The boy is a real phenomenon in the classics and he is talented performance From a standing ovation, also marked by Letter Modest and gentle. Let’s get to know the young disciple Alessandra Celentano.

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Amisi 21, she is Michele Esposito: age, childhood, girlfriend

Michelle has 22 years He was born in Teverola in the province of Caserta. Passionate about dancing since childhood, he moved on until the age of 11 Zurich to attendDance AcademyWhere she stayed for 6 years. on him Childhoodsaid the dancer Maria de Filippi:

She started dancing at the age of 3 years. At the age of nine, I wanted to become a footballer, but I could never quit dancing. I left home at the age of eleven, I was very young. It wasn’t easy. I went to Switzerland, to Zurich. I lived with other boys in a boarding school. I only saw my parents in the summer and at Christmas. I always had to do everything myself. My mom helped me in every way. I went to win Scholarships. My sister and I, a former dancer, help my parents financially. I very close to my sister.

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Boy StubbornTherefore, he learned from an early age a manage alone And race to achieve your goals. In the years after the Academy, he lived in Amsterdam, where he joined the National Company. Then the first arrived Awards Finally, entering the famous talent show of Channel 5. Although he entered the school on the run, he was immediately noticed Alessandra Celentanowho decided to give him a seat.

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We don’t know any details about love life by michelle looks like boy currently single.

Maria de Filippi I asked him what is hers dream As for the dance He replied: I dance Swan LakeAll that remains is to wait. future You can book great opportunity to continue his journey ProfessionalsLike what happened to the dancer Carola Bodo. former young man friendsIn fact, Juliet will be on the show Romeo and Juliet subordinate Ballet Rome.

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