Revealed the new reality show presenter?

Revealed the new reality show presenter?

While introducing the new Mediaset schedules, it was announced a return to the Canale Cinque of La Talpa, a 2000s historical reality show that closed its doors after only three editions. The program, scheduled for next spring, does not yet have an official host, but rumors speak more and more insistently about a specific name.

the mole It was a reality show from the 2000s that aired for only three editions: the first in 2004 and later. opinion twoThe second and third day Italia Onerespectively in 2005 and 2008.

The lack of success achieved in those years that was Big brother And the Celebrity Island It means that there immortalizedvery similar to the second show of my reality show, Take a Back Seat.

Now though Maria de Filippi With his television production company The magic of PGT Will report the mole to me Mediasetspecially Channel five.

Details have not yet been revealed: nothing official is yet known about competitors, commentators and reporters. However, in recent days, Di Più Tv has made it known that for Delivery There will be an increasingly certain name.

La Talpa: Who will host the reality show?

La Talpa: Have you revealed the new reality show host?

As reported by Di Più TV, it appears that de .’s behavior the mole There may be Silvia Tofanin. His name has been associated with the return of this reality show for several weeks, but these days it seems that his presence at the helm of the show is becoming increasingly certain.

the moleOfficially announced during the presentation of new tables MediasetIt is expected to return in the spring of next year, and if it airs in the last two versions Italia OneIt looks like in 2023 he will be back on TV Channel five.

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Silvia Tovanen Prime Time Introduction?

La Talpa: Have you revealed the new reality show host?

Silvia Tovanen It is by far one of the most popular network connectors Mediaset. However, since his arrival very right Saturday afternoon from Channel fiveThe presenter never turned her attention to prime-time programming.

With the announcement of the return of the double date of very right Then, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the management Silvia Tovanen To the weekend lounge Mediaset It is a certainty that is increasingly reinforced by the ever-growing success of this programme.

So it remains to wait for the official news to see if it really is Silvia Tovanen It will reach prime time in 2023 with delivery there immortalized.

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