June 5, 2023

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Serie B playoffs: Sodterol beat Reggina 1-0 in the 89th minute! Barry in the semi-finals | first page

Polozzi’s unprecedented save and Casiraghi’s flash in the 89th minute, who took over for Cisse early in the second half, give Soudtirol another dream night and Pippo Inzaghi concludes Reggina’s season with a thousand regrets.able to reach the playoffs at the last minute despite a 5-point penalty imposed in April by the Sports Justice System. It ends 1-0 in “Drusus” Bolzano is the first valid challenge to find out the name of the third team to be promoted to Serie A after Frosinone and Genoa. Tomorrow, at 20:30, Ranieri Cagliari hosts Venice to fight for a place in the other semi-final against Parma.

Sudtirol, his coach’s photo, continues that of Pierpaolo Bisoli Who, having taken up training in his first experience in Group B and bottom of the table after a turbulent summer with Lamberto Zauli’s farewell before the start of the tournament and the complicated start of substitute Leandro Greco, pulled out the first training. Atesina finished sixth in the regular season and then in the playoffs. After a game of great suffering, in which Madjer, Di Chiara and Canotto repeatedly came close to Reggina’s opening goal, and Pauluzzi saved him with a super formula, it was a winning counterattack that ended with Casiraghi’s right foot. – and swerved in decisive fashion by Loiacono – to give up the goal that projected Sudtirol towards the next chapter of the playoffs almost at the end of time.

On Monday the 29th, once again in “Druso”, Mignani’s Bari, the third force of the tournament, arrives, which will then host the Bisoli youth in a return semi-final on 2 June.

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