June 5, 2023

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Science and Smartphone Cryptography: The Arrival of Quantum Technology

company Alea Quantum Technologiesspin-offs from Denmark Technical University (DTU)developed a quantum mechanical random number generator which, if Reduce chip sizemay be included in mobile phone electronicsused to encryption. In a few years, securing communications with quantum cryptography could become a staple of mobile phones, Thus protecting communications from breaches. The technology has already been tested in Denmark in large data transmissions in the financial sector, and now the company spin-off from the Technical University of Denmark has developed a simple quantum mechanical random number generator that can be produced at a low price. to support 4 Gbps. The technology is so simple that it can be developed into an on-chip version. He explained that “quantum random number generators are already being developed by companies around the world in countries such as Spain, Australia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.” Ulrik Lund Andersen, Co-Founder of Alea Quantum Technologies and Professor at DTU. “The reason we’re developing a quantum mechanical random number generator anyway is that our technology is particularly simple and very fast, and that we can provide mathematical proof that numbers are completely random, which very few of our competitors in the market can do,” he continued. Andersen.

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