Milan and Juventus, but also Naples: Conte’s future in the words of MP Stellini | Primabagina

Milan and Juventus, but also Naples: Conte’s future in the words of MP Stellini |  Primabagina
Antonio Conte is waiting. intermittent. To start planning meetings and summits to talk concretely about sports projects And thinking about those that suit his needs and his strong desire to return to the bench almost a year after his separation from Tottenham. In between, several months of rest, together with his family, to recharge his batteries and return to the protagonist with his usual energy. There is a strong feeling that, unlike next summer, we will undergo a series of changes that open up multiple scenarios For a coach with a very important CV and palm fronds. He thought of giving strength and stability to the rumors that Conte was ready to throw himself back into battle Christian Stellini, the Lecce coach's historic collaboratorFrom whom he inherited the leadership of Tottenham last season for a month – from the end of March to the end of April.

Back over dinner in Milan, the reason was revealed

pending – “It depends on the project that will be presented to him. This is what he is waiting for, to find a project that motivates him, as happened in the past. Stellini then announced that the team he chooses could be all or nothing, we are talking about a top level coach so any team could be a good fit. Cusano Italy TV. But in recent days, Antonio Conte has been the hero of the dinner in Milan, accompanied by members of his teama coincidence that has ultimately fueled speculation that he is increasingly in Milan's thoughts for next season, with Stefano Pioli's retention rates very low despite a contract valid until the summer of 2025.

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From the Premier League to the Italian League: Conte's options

the secret Regarding the hypothesis of returning to work with Conte, Stellini expressed himself in these terms: A Cusano Italy TV“These decisions are 100% up to the coach, so I will not allow myself to go any further. I can only say that there is a desire to return. Let's talk about it.” A great coach, his secret has a little to do with his personality. “He really gives it 110% and the environments he works in are fascinated by his ability to make people understand how important the work is.”. Clearly, Milan is not the only viable leadTaking into account that the Rossoneri are also considering alternative options such as Bologna's Thiago Motta and that Antonio Conte's file has been explored several times in the past months by Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis. In the same way, Chances of returning to Juventus In case of separation from Massimiliano Allegri. Roma's new approach, which could aim for another big name after two-and-a-half years under Mourinho or remain on the bench abroad, like Manchester United, is as alive as ever.

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