Torino Milan’s slow motion, focus on the two penalties demanded by the Rossoneri

Torino Milan’s slow motion, focus on the two penalties demanded by the Rossoneri

In order not to risk the limiter Rocky have shipped to Torino Milanone of the most uncertain matches of the day in the Italian league, the referee duties From Roma, among the best in the league but that was not enough to avoid the usual controversy.

The direction of the whistle of the Romans did not please the leaders, Pegs At the end of the match he was angry even if he only said, nervously, that he would no longer talk about the referees. but then Penalties He wanted to emphasize another aspect.

As for Beauli, anyone who wastes time should be warned

Says Technical red black:

“When refereeing it will be the last time I talk about it. I don’t like the fact that the referee gave 5 minutes of the match recovery, when it is the duty of the referee not to lose the rhythm. If the opposing goalkeeper loses time, it is right to warn him.”

But how did he judge? duties at Torino Milan?

Former referee Marelli: There was a penalty kick for Milan

Two penalties demanded by Rossoneri during match But the most lively protests were at 59 minutes when there was a difficult connection between Singo and Theo Hernandez. to illustrate it Luca Marilli for microphones dozen.

The former referee from Cuomo is a jeweler and says: “A risky intervention by singo, even if it is not from the VAR because the evaluation is the responsibility of the referee, Dovery is about ten meters away. We know it’s a regular shoulder to shoulder, but this is a shoulder to back. For me it’s tougher than regular intervention.”

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There was no penalty to the Saelemaekers for Marielle

The first penalty kick was awarded in the 29th minute for an intervention on Alexis Saelemaekers but Marily Removes all doubts: “Saelemaekers highlights fall on variance Mild. Once he sensed the connection, he allowed himself to move on. The governors no longer whistle on these intrusions, it is no coincidence that the penalties have decreased by about 50 compared to last year.”

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