Modena-Como 0-0: Final score and highlights

Modena-Como 0-0: Final score and highlights
  • Thank you for watching the live broadcast of the Modena-Como 0-0 match and see you in the next round of the Serie B Championship!17:16

  • 90’+4′

    The game ends here! Modena-Como 0-0.17:03

  • 89′

    Three minutes of stoppage time was announced.16:58

  • 87′

    Very low tempo in this final, with Como in possession and Modena completely shut down in their own half.16:56

  • 81′

    Double substitution for Modena, with Gliozzi and Palumbo substituting for Strizzolo and Corrado.16:51

  • 80′

    Triple substitution for Cuomo, with Gabrieloni, Sala and Cassandro leaving and Nsami, Ioannou and Odenthal entering.16:51

  • 79′

    Modena counterattack: Palumbo puts it in the middle, Di Stefano shoots the ball overhead, but the ball does not reach.16:48

  • 72′

    Modena opportunity! Abildegaard loses the ball, Battistella counter-attacks and sends on Gliozzi: the striker’s shot is too weak to worry Simper.16:41

  • 69′

    Possession of the ball was clearly in Como’s favour, but Como’s players passed the ball too slowly to worry the home team.17:17

  • 66′

    Como attempt: Strevezza puts it in the middle for Cutrone, who is surrounded by Modena defenders and is unable to clear the shot.16:35

  • 63′

    Modena opportunity! Counterattack by Palumbo, who does not have time to score. Battistella then sends and fires a shot with his right foot from outside the penalty area that goes wide of the goal!16:35

  • 58′

    Double substitution for Como, with Basile and Verdi leaving and Abedegaard and Cutrone entering.16:27

  • 57′

    Two changes ready for the Como match.16:26

  • 55′

    Strefezza also tries to see Gagno outside the posts: but the shot from midfield ends up high.17:18

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  • 53′

    Gabrieloni’s attempt from the edge of the penalty area: a shot blocked by the defender and saved by Janio.16:23

  • 45′

    The second substitution in the ranks of Modena, the exit of Claes Bouzanaj and the entry of Lorenzo Di Stefano.16:17

  • 45′

    The second half begins! Modena-Como 0-0.16:14

  • For now, and in light of the results of the rest of the stadiums, Modena will be safe and Como will be promoted to Serie A.16:13

  • The first forty-five minutes were without exciting scoring opportunities. Modena started strongly and almost took the lead after a corner kick from Battistella, as Gliozzi shot the ball, it rebounded and was saved by Verdi on the goal line. Cuomo, who maintained nearly 70% possession of the ball, tried to attack the rebounds but without creating any major difficulties for the home team’s defence.15:52

  • 45’+3′

    The first half of the match ends. Modena-Como 0-0.15:51

  • 45′

    Three minutes of stoppage time.15:48

  • 40′

    Como chance! Strefezza on the right wing passes a through ball to Gabrieloni: the striker shoots first, the ball is high!15:43

  • 33′

    Cuomo had long possession of the ball in these final minutes.15:36

  • 31′

    Janio makes a mistake in clearing the ball, and Verdi tries a first shot from outside the area, but the goalkeeper compensates for it.15:34

  • 31′

    Verdi tries to score for Gabrieloni, but Janio anticipates the striker.15:33

  • 30′

    Strefezza gets another free kick.15:32

  • 26′

    Verdi puts a bell ball in the middle, and Riccio puts it in the corner.15:29

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  • 25′

    Control of events in the VAR room: Offside confirmed.15:28

  • 24′

    Modena takes the lead through Zaro, but the referee did not award the goal due to offside on the home team’s defender.15:27

  • 23′

    Eduardo Goldaniga was booked for a foul on Bozanaj.15:25

  • 21′

    Strefezza tries from the edge: Gagno saves.15:23

  • 19′

    Yellow card for Luca Magnino after Braunauder was sent off.15:22

  • 18′

    Modena opportunity! A corner kick from Battistella rebounds to Gliozzi’s header: Verdi saves on the goal line!15:43

  • 17′

    Counter-attack from Modena: Santoro sends it from the right side, and Goldaniga blocks Gliozzi and puts it in the corner.15:20

  • 14′

    Aerial clash between Goldaniga and Gliozzi: both players remain on the ground.15:19

  • 11′

    Verdi looks for space for the cross from the left side, but it is unbalanced at the moment of the pass and the ball goes out.15:14

  • 9′

    Staying away is prohibited for Como fans for public order reasons.15:12

  • 3′

    Chance for Bozanaj, who has all the space to try to shoot but his right-foot shot goes too high.15:05

  • At the Braglia Stadium in Modena, everything is ready. The MODENA-COMO Challenge begins!15:03

  • The match will be refereed by referee Luca Zoverelli from Udine, assisted by assistants Colarossi and Vecchi, and the fourth referee, Iacobellis. Pezzuto and Collu in Var and Avar respectively.14:39

  • Cuomo should lay off Cooney. Cutrone, bruised, starts from the bench: Verdi takes his place. Cassandro starts at right-back instead of Iovine.14:35

  • Modena must release the suspended Abioso and the injured Okhuda, Douka, Ponce, Girly, Gargiulo and Guarino. Corrado on the bench, Riccio returns and space for Bozhanaj.14:30

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  • Official formation: Cuomo forms in a 4-2-3-1 formation: Simper – Cassandro, Goldaniga, Barba, Sala – Basile, Braunwoder – Streveza, Verdi, Da Cunha – Gabrieloni. Available: Corto, Iovine, Chagia, Cutrone, Bellemo, Vigoretto, Gioacchini, Odenthal, Abildgard, Ioannou, Nsami, Fumagalli. Roberts.14:26

  • Official formation: Modena occupies the field in a 4-3-3 formation: Gigno – Riccio, Zaro, Bergrivi, Cotale – Magnino, Santoro, Battistella – Bozanaj, Gliozzi, Palombo. Available: Tremolada, Cicoline, Manconi, Vandelli, Strizzolo, Cos, Mondelli, Di Stefano, Olivieri, Oliva, Oli, Corrado. everyone15:04

  • On the other hand, Como collected 13 points in the last five matches, with a victory in the last round against Cittadella. It occupies second place in the standings with 71 points, three points behind leaders Parma and +4 behind third-placed Venezia. If the gap remains unchanged, the Roberts-Fabregas-led side could actually celebrate direct promotion to Serie A today.14:18

  • Modena, who has collected four points in three matches since Mr. Pesoli took over from Bianco (a draw, a victory and a defeat in the last round against Reggiana), has 43 points in the standings and needs at least one point to achieve the tally. enough. However, for the playoffs, there are very few chances, but the mathematics still leave a small glimmer of hope.14:17

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the match between Modena and Como, the match is valid for the 37th and penultimate day of the Serie B tournament.14:16

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Alberto Braglia
    City: Modena
    Capacity: 21,151 spectators14:16

    Alberto Braglia Fonti: Getty Images
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