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From Saturday 30 October to Monday 1 November, Città della Scienza dedicates the long Halloween weekend to a theme HalloweenIt is a festival of Anglo-Saxon origin that has also become popular in Italy and is loved by children.

Three days of activities to learn while enjoying workshops, demonstrations and experiments amongst monsters and fantastic creatures, but also frightening ingredients like pigeon blood, slime snails, and monk fish.

In the interactive Museo Corporea there are many exciting scientific activities, a mixture of fun and knowledge typical of the presentation of the Museo Città della Scienza, created in collaboration with Le Nuvole Scienza; For example, with the science show “Monsters of Fear” it will be possible to discover what lies behind the ugliest creatures in “Fantasy”, while with the interactive lab “Shimmer”, using a lot of imagination and few rules, participants will be able to realize their “wonderful animal” , a mixture of different parts of “other” animals, made by combining the tails, legs, backs and heads of different species, again with the creative lab “Wall of Fear”, tempera, stencils, felt-tip pens to make them fly with imagination. In addition, all children can choose to participate wearing their own masks and costumes.
In addition to thematic workshops, it will always be possible to take part in the usual guided tours of the Museum of the Human Body and extraordinary performances of the Planetarium.

To get to the Science Center of Città della Scienza, it will be necessary to make a reservation, or alternatively, to buy tickets online on the Etes website, entry is organized in two periods:
the first period from 09.00 to 12.45; The second shift is from 1.15 pm to 5.00 pm.

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It is mandatory for all visitors over the age of 12 to show the green pass and the obligation to use a mask remains in effect from the age of 6.

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