Serie A – The gods roar, Verona takes it back: 2-2 which only suits Hellas. Skamaka-Ederson and then Lazovic-Nüsslein

Serie A – The gods roar, Verona takes it back: 2-2 which only suits Hellas.  Skamaka-Ederson and then Lazovic-Nüsslein
Atalanta comes away with two points on Monday night against Verona. After the team's achievement at Anfield, and three days before the second leg of the Europa League quarter-finals, La Dea tied at home. 2-2 In control of the entire time. I took a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Skamaka and Ederson, suffered an unexpected comeback in the second half. Yellow and blue with Lazovic H Noslin They scored two goals at 4'. Super Monteport, who had already been decisive in avoiding Goliada in the first half, were denied a 3-2 win in the final. The golden point for Hellas, which responds to its rivals in the race for salvation. But Gasperini's team failed to get close Rome H BolognaWe will have to undo this slowdown quickly. Liverpool arrive at Joyce on Thursday thirsting for revenge.


Atalanta 2-2 Hellas Verona (first half: 2-0)

Atlanta (3-4-1-2) – Carnecici. Toloi (63' Kolasinac), Heine, Djemseti; Holm (81' Hateboer), Ederson, Pasalic, Ruggeri; Copminers. De Kettilairi (63' Miranchuk), Skamaka (63' Lookman). everyone

Hellas Verona (4-2-3-1) – Montebo. Centonzi (90' Chachoua), Magnani, Dawidovic, Cabal; Dani Silva, Folorunsho (90' Coppola); Nuslin, Suslov (77' Ruben Vinagre), Lazovic (77' Mitrovic); Bonazzoli (58' Swiderski). Baronet

to rule: Juan Luca Sacchi from the Macerata department

Ogre: 13' Skamaka (out), 18' Ederson (out), 56' Lazovic (against), 60' Nuslin (against)

Helps: Kopminers (1-0a), Skamaka (2-0a), Nuslin (2-1a), Sentonzi (2-2a)

warning: Suslov (V), Dani Silva (V)

News in 13 key moments

Gianluca Scamaca celebrates during the Atalanta-Verona match – Italian League 2023-24

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18' 2-0 Atalanta, Ederson! A hole in Verona's defence, sending Scamacca with his back to Ederson in the open field who makes no mistakes one-on-one with Montipo. Goals and assists for Skamaka


Ederson celebrates during the Atalanta-Verona match – Italian League 2023-24

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31' Pasalic! Montepu denies the score 3-0! On a wonderful ball from Koopmineers, Pasalic anticipates Cabal and heads towards the bottom corner. Montepu goes to the corner

32' Koopminers! Another great opportunity for Tris! Toloi crosses the yellow-blue pressure line with a vertical pass to De Ketelaere that rewards Koopmeiners' input. The Dutchman has a 3-0 on his feet but he shoots diagonally and the ball barely comes out

34 'Great reflection from Montepu'! Siege of Atalanta. Koopmeiners for Scamacca who supports it for De Ketelare. The Belgian shoots the ball from the edge, but his shot is deflected off the rails, and is saved superbly by Montipo, who keeps his teammates on their feet.

40' Suslov! Verona's first attack was personally initiated by Suslov, who positioned himself and let the left-footed player run from more than 30 metres. Toxic shot from Carnesici sends her into the corner

56' Lazovic cuts the gap! 2-1! Noslin darts down the right and then serves Lazovic who looks from the edge of the area and finds the bottom corner to Carnesecchi's right. The goalkeeper won 2-1. The goal was validated after a VAR check. Verona returns to the match.


Tomas Suslov and Darko Lazovic celebrate during the Atalanta – Verona match – Italian League 2023-24

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60' 2-2 Verona, Nuslin! Centonzi crosses from the right, and Nusslin with his paw anticipates Carnesecchi's exit. Exciting 2-2 in 4 minutes! Cold shower for Atalanta


Tijani Nusslin celebrates during the Atalanta and Verona match – Italian League 2023-24

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74' Miranchuk! The Russian duo with Lookman and tries to surprise Montipo from a tight angle. A fantastic save from the Verona goalkeeper, the absolute protagonist of this evening

79' Waste Holm! Atalanta attacks, Miranchuk opens up for Holm who kicks unhindered very badly, very high

87' Miranchuk, Montepu again! Ederson sends Hateboer on the run, the Dutchman slides to the right and gives the ball to Miranchuk who turns and shoots. Montepu is there, and by falling he once again denied the Russian a 3-2 scoreline

90'+1' Montepo' can't be passed! Kopmeinerz from the left finds Miranchuk on his way open up the field and delivers the ball into the arms of Montepu.

The social moment

Gianluca Scamaca is in a state of grace. Will he be the national team's striker in the European Championship?

best player

Fantasy football

Promotion: Tijani Nusslin – It may not be as spectacular as Scamaka but this evening it is just as precious. At 4' he packs a +4 capable of annoying your leagues.

Failed: Marco Carnesici – A clean sheet after 45 minutes seemed like a formality. Instead they collapsed in the second half, also guilty of Nusslin's goal. Bad evening.

Report cards


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