From San Siro to the Duomo, Inter's big celebration of the Scudetto – Football

From San Siro to the Duomo, Inter's big celebration of the Scudetto – Football

More than half an hour later, the Nerazzurri team bus has covered just over two hundred meters of the eight-kilometre route that will take Lautaro and his teammates to Piazza della Duomo, with the convoy potentially delaying its arrival to the centre. Cheers and smoke bombs surrounded the passage of the two Inter buses, while the players and technical staff were standing at the barrier. Among the most brutal were Barella, Demarco and Dumfries but also Farris, Inzaghi's deputy.

Inter's championship parade has begun. The two open buses (the first with the team and the second with the staff) had just left San Siro, where they were welcomed outside the Meazza garage by thousands of cheering fans who opened their doors and allowed the Inter convoy to pass between the two fan wings.
The first to board the bus were Arnautovic, Calhanoglu and Pavard, followed little by little by the rest of the team, including coach Simone Inzaghi. Music blared live from the bus's speakers, while flags with two stars also appeared on the sides and the words “Italian Champions” and “The second star is ours, thank you Inter fans” could be read on both buses! There was also no shortage of the first cheers from the loudspeaker, as the footballers (Demarco and Barella were among the first to take the microphone) sang “League leaders leave” and “We are the champions of Italy” between a few beers and a glass of wine. Group personal photos.

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In May 2021, Covid did not allow Inter to embrace their fans after winning the Scudetto. There was no shortage of celebration, whether at San Siro or on the city streets, but without the parade of classic convertible buses. However, today, everything is ready for the great Nerazzurri procession that will fill the streets of Milan after the match against Torino to celebrate the victory in the tournament, after the impromptu party of fans and players last Monday after the success in the derby that gave the sporting certainty of the victory of the 20th tricolor.

Once the match against Granata is over and the showers and post-match interviews have been completed, Inter will board two open buses with departure scheduled for around 4pm from Meazza. From there, a route of about eight kilometers will start and pass from the San Siro area to Corso Sempione, stopping in front of the headquarters in Viale della Liberazione before passing under the Scala and finally arriving at Piazza Duomo at around 8pm. A long procession will then end with the team arriving at the terrace. 21, where the players will greet the fans and start the ceremony.

There was also a large police presence, while Milan Governor Claudio Garaglia on Friday ordered a ban in party areas on the administration and sale of alcohol and spirits, and sales of fast food in glass containers and fixed-format boxes. and street vendors, without preventing normal consumption with table service. But it will not be the Nerazzurri's last party. In fact, on May 19, after the match against Lazio, the trophy will be awarded to the team on the field, followed by a concert in which Ligabue, Bocelli and Max Pizzalli, among others, may be present.

Curva Nord's tri-color choreography

Three colors surrounded by the Nerazzurri colors and the writing “Dale Campeon” which means “Come on, champions” in Spanish. This is the choreography displayed by Inter Curva Nord when Lautaro Martinez and his teammates entered the pitch before the match against Torino. Instead, the tricolor bearing the number 14 appeared on the stands of the second blue division, that is, the Italian League, which the Italian Federation awarded to the Nerazzurri for the 2005/2006 season after the Calciopoli scandal. Moreover, after the Italian League anthem, tricolor confetti exploded on the sidelines of the match, and everyone chanted “We are Italian champions.”

Choruses for Inzaghi, the coach misses with San Siro

“Jump with us, Simone Inzaghi,” sings the entire San Siro. And the Inter coach, after a few moments of hesitation, jumped up with the entire Meazza and smiled happily at his Scudetto win. The Piacenza coach was actually one of the first to receive the Curva Nord chants during the match against Torino, amid a festive atmosphere that continued between the chants and the flags.

Turin platform for the Italian champions

Honor and a viewing platform from Turin for the Italian champion Inter. In fact, the entire Granata team lined up on both sides as they entered the pitch, greeting the Nerazzurri with a long round of applause. Many players exchanged compliments, while the former Inter Bellanova player embraced his former teammates. A gesture of great sportsmanship from Turin, to which the entire San Siro responded with unanimous applause.

Inter celebrate inside the stadium

Marotta: We want to continue the cycle with Inzaghi

“We started the cycle with Inzaghi a few years ago and he passed the test: in a big club you have to prove it with facts. He showed that he is good and successful, you can't get better than that. He's young.” Ambitiously, we want to continue living this cycle, which will end sooner or later, but we are not even halfway there,” Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta said in an interview with DAZN before the match against Torino. “Renewal of Lautaro and another great striker? Next year there will be a challenging season with the Club World Cup as well, the team must be supported as best as possible but we must also deal with sustainability: we will try to create a creative transfer market.”

The team at San Siro amid cheers and smoke bombs

Inter's celebration of winning the Scudetto is ready to begin. The team's open-top bus display will not begin until after the match against Torino (kick-off at 12.30), but in the meantime fans have already begun to gather around the San Siro. And there was already a first glimpse of the celebration when the team bus (in which the two stars appeared to win the twentieth Scudetto) arrived at the stadium for the match against Granata: in fact, Inter fans were waiting for the players with chants, smoke bombs and fireworks, in the Nerazzurri atmosphere already more than an hour before the match. Against Torino. Even at the various metro stations on the Lilac Line, which takes you to the stadium, there was no shortage of moments of cheering and excitement from the fans towards rivals Milan and Juventus.

Inter celebrate: The team at San Siro amid cheers and smoke bombs

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