Science says a little bit of walking can have these effects on the brain

Science says a little bit of walking can have these effects on the brain

Walking is good for the mind and body and this is well known, but not much is known about the effects that can occur when walking a little.

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How many times have we heard that? Walks Is this good? Some even recommend doing this for at least 30 minutes a day to ensure your body needs the benefits it needs. There are those who recommend this activity afterwards to lose weight or just to relax and clear thoughts and worries.

Because when you walk it starts to imagine With the mind contemplating the most contrasting things, stimulated by sounds, smells and everything we see around us.

For these and other reasons, walking is good and highly recommended. Little is known Effects On the body when walking a little or not enough. Let’s see them together.

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What happens if you don’t walk enough? All effects on the body


Walking is an excellent exercise to stay in shape, but not only. Walking reduces stress, slows down cognitive impairment, extends life, etc. There are many benefits to our bodies, so when we find ourselves standing still for a long time, what happens? Some scientists themselves asked this question and tried to find an answer.

First, it seems that the absence of movement can occur effect On the production of new cells, which in these cases will decrease more and more. And if physical activity can prevent some cardiovascular diseases, as well as obesity and overweight, in some cases it may extend life expectancy after a tumor.

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All this was already known. a Discovery Recently, however, it was published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, by the University of Milan in collaboration with the University of Pavia, whose researchers have highlighted the effects that can occur on neural stem cells after a prolonged period of immobility. Therefore, scholars highlighted how walking is allowed, or the use of the legs in general exercise of new neurons.

On the contrary, staying still for a long time leads to changes in the neuromuscular function of the skeletal system, as well as to changes in some organs of the body. Specifically, in the stagnant state, the process of neurogenesis is altered, allowing the formation of new neurons starting from neural stem cells.

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This is a study of relevant importance to understand to what extent a lack of physical activity can affect our bodies. A condition that should be avoided as much as possible.

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