From Stellantis to Stables – Report

From Stellantis to Stables – Report

by Manuel Bonaccorsi
Collaboration with Madi Ferrucci
Pictures of David Fonda, Carlos Dias, Marco Ronca and Paolo Palermo
Find pictures of Eva Gorganopoulou and Paula Gottardi
Editing by Marcello Lippi and Raffaella Paris
Illustrations by Michel Ventron

At the end of the eighties, Italy was the first European power in the automotive sector, with Fiat at the helm and Turin as its industrial capital.
Today we have lost the brains and the technicians who made it great, thousands of jobs have disappeared and even Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have overtaken us in terms of production. After merging with the American Chrysler in 2014, in 2021 the wedding party arrives with the French PSA from which Stellantis was born. For John Elkann, this is a “marriage of equals”, but now the real center of the group seems to be Paris, also due to the presence of the French state in the capital. In Italy, tens of thousands of workers are being laid off and related businesses are at risk of closing, while the company plans to set up new production plants in Africa and opens a battery factory in northern France. Through an exclusive interview with Nicolas Dufourcq, French State Representative on the Stellantis Council, and unpublished internal documents, the report outlines the transformation across the Alps in the automotive industry value chain, despite the massive amount of government aid received in the past 30 years.

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