June 7, 2023

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Manskin “frozen” the tour in solidarity with those who are suffering – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 01 – “Although we would like to update you on the European and Italian Tour by March 1, we are unable to identify and share the new dates in this moment of tension for Europe and the world at large. We are closer than ever. To all those affected by the war right now.” Through a social media post, Maneskin announced the impossibility of rescheduling the Loud Kids on Tour ’22, which has already been postponed until the end of January due to pandemic-related restrictions.

“We are closer than ever to our fans, our partners and all the people affected by the war at the moment,” they wrote in a message published in Italian and English. “Our solidarity is with all those who are suffering from the conflict in Ukraine and we hope that the ongoing violence will end. Along with this hope, we also hope that we can update you as soon as possible and at some times peace. We thank you for your great patience and understanding as always. We Closer than ever and we have great hope for the future.”

The tour calendar included dates in both Ukraine and Russia: March 7 in Kyiv, March 9 in Moscow, and 11 in St. Petersburg. (handle).

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