Almost 7,000 euros cheaper than the Renault Arkana in March and with the same quality

Almost 7,000 euros cheaper than the Renault Arkana in March and with the same quality

he Renault Arcana It can boast of being one of the equally great successes of the French brand Spain as in Europe at recent days. And it is that, in addition to the fact that this model can boast of being one of the first compact SUVs with a coupe body and overall branding, the French brand's commitment to equipping it with engines allows it to shine. DGT's ECO label Whether it is through micro hybrid options or auto-rechargeable options, it makes it one of the best options in its class.

On the other hand, it can also be noted that at this price level Arcana It has become a really interesting option, among other things, because, as we see in the configurator of the French manufacturer, the simplest version of all has a price of just over 27,000 euros, a version that has a 140 hp micro-hybrid engine and which comes in the same Time linked to automatic transmission.

Renault Captur, a simpler but equally interesting option

Of course, they are fully aware that in the French brand there is a lot more Spain Those looking for cheaper options, options where they know before giving up certain things but in the end have the same interesting value for money.

That's why Renault chose to release a very interesting promo for what is its younger brother l'Arkanahe Yasser, one of the best-selling models in its category for many years in our country. It's pretty clear that Captur can't partner with him l'Arkana In terms of habitability, payload capacity, power and technology in its engines and equipment, but the fact that it costs up to 7,000 euros less makes it a really attractive option.

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Is that the access version of this model has a lower price 21.000 euros, In this case, the version that comes with the 90 PS petrol engine and the most basic equipment level ever. So, for those on a limited budget and looking for a car with a good level of value for money, the Capture, as it has been for some time, is one of the best options.

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