Eicma 2021, Moto Morini unveils the new SEIEMMEZZO

Much more than a “simple” motorcycle. During EICMA 2021, he is back again at Rho Fiera Milano after stopping last year due to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, Moto Moreni She removed the veil from her new two-wheeler which will further enrich its range in the mid-highway segment.

It is located around six half Which, with the same acceptance as the manufacturer Trivolzio, is more than just a motorcycle. Versatile, fun and multifaceted, the new Moto Morini media represents a true family within its offering. And understand why it is not so complicated. Just scroll through a file Technical characteristics of SEIEMMEZZO To realize the incredible work done by Moto Morini technicians and designers to create a bike that can cater to the needs (and tastes) of a very large segment of cyclists.

The new SEIEMMEZZO was revealed inEICMA 2021 in Milan It is, in fact, a motorcycle with a dual personality and was created to satisfy both those who love naked bikes and those who are looking for a two-wheeled bike that dazzles in the world of fashion and style. If you identify yourself in the first of the two families, the choice will be made simizu street; On the other hand, if you belong to the category of fashion designers SEIEMMEZZO SCR You can not not like it.

In both cases, the steel frame surrounds the two-cylinder four-stroke engine 649 cc (Approved in accordance with Euro 5 Motorcycle Directive), able to edit a file Maximum power 44 kW (60 hp), 54 Nm torque and a top speed that can be reached with the new Moto Morini Siimizu 175 km/h.

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The Italian company has taken advantage of the EICMA 2021 stage to reveal its new road average, SEIEMMEZZO, available in two versions.

SEIEMMEZZO mounts Front 18″ tubeless rims and 17 inches at the rear: a combination that makes driving particularly enjoyable and at the same time ensures surprising traction on the road. Features that allow passengers to travel in complete safety both on city circuits and on steep mountain roads and tackle off-road with greater safety. The symmetrical, comfortable and also comfortable saddle allows the passenger to face any ride, even the longest, in peace.

In the center of the steering wheel there is a space 5 inch TFT color screen, thanks to clear and simple access to all the information on the bike and on the journey in progress. On the other hand, the block on the left side can be used to navigate the display menu. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity system allows you to manage one phone and two earphones at the same time, so you can answer incoming calls or make new ones. All without having to take your hands off the steering wheel and without being distracted: simple and intuitive steering wheel controls allow you to control all functions and travel in complete safety.

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