Self-service gasoline: the totem of payment spoke in dialect

Self-service gasoline: the totem of payment spoke in dialect


In Eni via Stella Alpina letters recorded in Bergamo. The company’s initiative throughout Italy.

With surprise and even some amusing smiles, a few days ago, refueling vehicles in self-service mode at the Eni gas station in Via Stella Alpina in Seriate meant undergoing a short Bergamo accent review. The totem where banknotes or cards are inserted, as well as in various foreign languages, is also spoken in Bergamo. in this sequence. Once in front of him, the warning goes off: “Mèt dét i solcc o le carte!” It is the first advertisement. Then in perfect Italy, he recommends: «Choose the type of payment»; The man returns from Bergamo: “Schisa ‘l nòmer del code sö the keyboard and schisa ol butù ert for emphasis.” do it! It is: «The operasi l’è drè la fenéss. Spéta ü moment ”; then the commanding command: “Throw the card!”; And in Italian “Choose the distributor on the screen.” Well, done. Finally: “Refuel at la pompe trì.” Get the gun and fuel pump No. 3. End Motion vector.

An initiative promoted by the Eni brand

Totem speaking in dialect, which can make you think of a funny galliard, in fact not even an initiative of the director of Eni via Stella Alpina, But it’s the National Eni Project, which invites Eni-branded gas station managers to record totem messages in the dialects of their region.. Not everyone joins, but the director of Via Stella Alpina took the call.

“It was amazement, amazement, and great pleasure, when I approached the gas station, I heard words uttered in the Bergamo dialect. It seemed to me a very beautiful idea, because to me it meant immersion in local traditions while not taking anything away from other cultures and realities”: this is how he lived Marco Villa from Sierra, concerned fuel dispenser user, initiative. And he continues: «In my opinion, since there is a council for local traditions, the municipality can give it a commendation or a shield of appreciation for the preservation and protection of local culture and language».

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