VNL: First place finalist. France is a champion! The United States won in Group E

VNL: First place finalist.  France is a champion!  The United States won in Group E

Final 1st place
France – USA 3-2 (25-16, 25-19, 15-25, 21-25, 15-10)

Bologna – Great show in the final of the 2022 edition of VNL. In fact, the first two sets were without a date, with France dominating the field thanks to solid serve and defence. Irvine Ngabeth Luxurious (12 points in the first two halves), but it’s Gianni’s entire squad that transforms beautifully, starting with serve and defense that sends the American half into a crisis, unable to deliver a decent game with the massive attackers. difficulty. Then in the third part, the movement you do not expect. Speraw changes its locationDefalco becomes the opposite of Muagututia in the band. Finally, the American reception allowed Christenson To play near the network. The star-and-squad director takes over and engages all of his team, with France seeing a drop while the US outdone themselves, winning the third set and winning a tough fourth break. However, the first few minutes of the fifth set are enough to guide the match. Brizzard’s Journey in Service Bloody for the Americans, Ngapeth (5 points in the last break) leads his team to the gold medal.

FIRST SEXTETS – US with Christenson directing with opposite Ensing, Russell and DeFalco in the band, Smith and Jendrick Central, Shoji is the free one.
France responded with Brisard and Patri in the main diagonal, Njabeth and Clevenot the plumber, Le Gough and Chineese middle, Grebnikov free.

The first group – Andrea Gianni’s formation came out better thanks to Chinnyeze’s punch lap and Patri’s attacks. The United States struggles in reception, Christenson’s one-handed charm is not enough to activate Americans under 12-6 in technical lead time. From a height of nine metres, Ngapeth continues to damage Speraw’s men who are chained in P4. US coach Kyle Russell enters in return, and France continues their defensive display, devastating services, and failed play in attack that deserves a 19-7 that speaks for itself. We are already considering the second group although there are two faults across the Alps, certified by the Clevenot wall of 16-25.
the second group – Speraw keeps his Kyle Russell on the field but the music doesn’t seem to change, because France never takes their foot off the accelerator and in Amen is 7-2 with two walls of Le Goff on Smith. Muagututia enters for Defalco and finds a tube to fill the gap (7-4), Brizard takes care of the service to advance the French cause (10-5). The United States has failed to put an end to the trans-Alpine escape, inspired by Brizzard and the eccentric who does not allow the American Wall to function as usual. The newly introduced ace Jouffroy leads the French to 21-15, the infamous American stopping point stage is neutralized by a variety of cross-alpine attack, and the second set ends 25-19 With an attack from the usual Ngapeth.
third group Spiro shuffles: Defalco returns and does the opposite, Muagututia stays on the field diagonally with the other hitter Russell. This time the start was promising, at least for the show, because France is not running away and the United States appears to be in the match, with Russell finally reaching his level in attack (5-7). Gianni notices some cracks in the French game and wants to talk about it (5-8), and finally Smith stops Ngabeth on the wall, with Christenson, with the help of First Touch at last distributing the high school plays. The crowd lines up for the Americans, Russell has invented a superb defense while Defalco seems to have done nothing but crush the opposite in his life. The result is an impressive partial with Stars and Stripes (11-17) with Gianni stopping the match. But now Smith and his comrades are shooting themselves even in defense (point 13-20 taken from the movie library). Gianni changes direction (inside Tunisia) but the US train runs until 15-25 Signed by irrepressible Defalco.

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Fourth of September. – The United States that obviously doesn’t change their makeup and start spearing at the rest even in this fraction (3-5, 2 consecutive points from Jendrik). The game is now beautiful with great defenses in both halves. France struggled to put the balls on the ground, and the American change was more fluid. But nevertheless, Gianni’s men are in the range (8-10). Giving another break to (the banned Le Goff), Smith thinks the unstoppable Defalco sends everyone into the technical timeout at 9-12. Grebnikov puts his chest to defend Russell (12-14), a mistake from Defalco brings France back (13-14). Gianni opts for a Boyer-Toniutti double change, and the partial is in the balance. Stunning, the American 20th point (at 18) concluded with a foul by Boyer after three consecutive defenses from transalpines. Jendrik Ngapeth stops the wall and Giani stops the match (18-21), there’s air from the fifth set. The very narrow diameter Muagututia extends to another break, Ngapeth tries not to sink (19-22), but it is his nine-meter error that sends the competition into fifth place (21-25).
Fifth group – Ace Brizzard and Russell’s exit in a pipe attack breaks the continuity (4-2) with Spiro immediately running for cover as the timeout expires. And the direct point from nine meters of the French exit with one wall to Nagabeth on Defalco still addresses the partial in a decisive manner (7-2). Patrey and Njabeth are not giving up (11-7), Russell has a start (11-9, after a big hit on the block by Smith). Ngapeth found Defalco’s fingers on the wall and Jouffroy ace (13-9), a Russell foul from the serve line giving match points to the French. Celebrating Ball Smith in the Net (10-15).

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