Electric cars, Sweden builds the first highway that can recharge them. And when in Italy?

The goal is ambitious: to create in Sweden by 2045, 3000 km of roads able to recharge Electric cars just passing by. But the desire for seriousness is still there. So much so that while Europe argues Regarding the law obligating member states to put it up for sale By 2035 only ‘carbon-neutral’ carsthe Scandinavian country is studyingComplete electrification affiliateE20 motorwaywhich connects the logistics centers of Hallsberg and Örebro, in the middle between the country’s three major cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Difficulties and challenge

So E20 should become it The mother of all Swedish roads to “Automatic” recharge. But the series “but” is long. First of all, it is clear that the use of systems Feed sinking into the asphalt From this highway requires use It means in turn to be experiencedthat costs can be significant, and that i engineering times They are not negligent. Regarding E20, as the project is still in the procurement phase, it is estimated that i It works by 2025. And we are in Sweden where, in addition to the Scandinavian competence, there are countless pilot projects in the field of sustainable mobility. Hence knowledge too.

Starting point

We believe that is the solution from electricity be there way forward To decarbonise the transportation sector and we’re working with it different solutions» declared a euronews.next Jan Peterson, Director of Strategic Development for Trafikverket, lSwedish Transport Administration.

How it works?

But how does the E20 electric recharge work (or how might it work)? Let’s start from the assumption, as we said, that the business will be finished by 2025: but it is in the tender stage And The technology has not yet been determined By which vehicles traveling on the road are automatically recharged. In this respect there are among the alternatives: System A catenarySystem inductive and order conductor.

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Trucks as trolleybuses

the Catenary system It can only be used for heavy vehicles. uses overhead wires to supply electricity to A special type of bus or tram. In practice it will turn out to be trolleybus Trucks driving along this road.

How to recharge a smartphone

Recharge conductor Works like a smartphone. instead of linking to battery chargerprivate electric cars crawl on the road at a to bear or one Dish Which, when the car is in front, charge the car without the need for wires.


charging system inductive Use special equipment They are buried under the road which sends the electricity to the electric vehicle’s coil which then takes care of it Run the batteries.

Heavy vehicle challenge

The priority of the Swedish experience is to search for a solution to Improve heavy vehicle trafficSo much so that in 2020 a wireless electric road for trucks and buses has already been built in the island city of Visby. The main challenge is finding technology that allows the trucks to work fully loadedWhat is this redundant batteries It might make it difficult. But a study commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration does not exclude an advantage also for the movement private cars.


By simulating the movements of 412 private cars on the Swedish road network, it was discovered that by combining studies on local decarbonization with those on road decarbonisation, it would be possible Reduce battery size by up to 70%. However, it has been proven that Only 25% of all Swedish roads It will be suitable for efficiency With one of the electric road systems (ERS). In other words: to many, but not to all.

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Other experiments

Other countries like United Kingdom, United States And India They are ramping up building ERS systems. Sweden partnered with Germany and France To exchange experiences through authorities and research collaborations in electrical methods. there Germany and Sweden It has demonstration facilities on public roads for several years, instead France She has plans to purchase an experimental electric road section.

Brebemi and A22

Is it Italy? Don’t stay and watch. L’A 22 It is working on a system to make heavy vehicles drive autonomously, which would move like the cars of a single train controlled by a single engine. More similar is the A35 project preppymiwhich has They completed the experimental phase of the asphalt loop filled with energy that allows special electric vehicles to recharge their mobile battery using induction technology. According to the consortium schedule Runs the highwaythe Technology must be put on the road In the second part of 2023, with the first track cables from A35.

May 04, 2023

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