France persuades food producers to reduce price lists. Britain is a ceiling. in Italy “noted”

France persuades food producers to reduce price lists.  Britain is a ceiling.  in Italy “noted”

Seventy-five French food producers have pledged to reduce prices by July. The French Minister of Economy said so Bruno Le Maire. For weeks the French government has been moving to ask for moderation in the price increase that, like European Central Bank, in many cases exceeding producers’ costs. In France, the inflation rate is 6%, Two percentage points lower than in Italy. The 75 producers have pledged their price index with lower wholesale costs, and next week they will submit a list of soon-to-discount products to the ministry. “All products whose prices fall in the wholesale markets must fall as early as July,” said Minister Le Maire. “I think of pasta – The price of wheat is falling (- 39% in the last year, Mr. Dr) – I think of oils, I think Poultry, I think of grain, I think of animal feed and many other products, the minister said, explaining The authorities will conduct checks to ensure that producers fulfill their obligations. Some surveys have shown that food producers benefit from higher inflation to grow their profit margins. Le Maire then threatened to Make the names generic Producers who apply these behaviors.

The French intervention is the latest in a series of interventions that European governments are working on. Even Great Britain is considering capping prices charged by major retailers instead Spain Declare the intention to create gods Publicly owned supermarkets which compete with private firms, perhaps with a less convulsive interest in property profits. In Italy, where Prices in supermarkets are clearly rising, Inflation is among the highest in Europe and the purchasing power of families is eroding rapidly, for the time being the government has limited itself to setting up “tables” to monitor the direction of prices of goods such as pasta or children’s products without any concrete. to intervene. However, the remains were “exhumed” mr price, A public guarantor for price control who will “initiate better cooperation procedures with the regions for price control”.

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We are tired of being watched! Facts needed!He claims Massimiliano Donna, President of the National Consumers Union, commenting on the announcement of the Minister of Contracting and Industry in Italy, Adolfo Orsowho commissioned the guarantor to monitor prices, Benedict Mineo To initiate the necessary procedures for closer cooperation with the regions to monitor the dynamics of variation in the regions. Since 2002, that is, since the arrival of the euro, they have had observers, meetings, moral persuasion, and committees. All talk. Istat is already there to monitor prices, which we have requested, without results for the time being, to enhance its surveys, for example by expanding regional surveys. But either from observing we go into action, or if those who speculate can go on doing so merrily, we are going nowhere. Speculation should be defined as an incorrect practice” concludes Donna.

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