Dacia is ready to outpace the competition with a new SUV: stunning photos show

Dacia is ready to outpace the competition with a new SUV: stunning photos show

Dacia has a number of amazing innovations ready for the future, and one model that really wows its customers.

Undoubtedly, one of the car brands that has risen to the fore in recent years thanks to the quality of its models Dasha. In fact, the Romanian giant has developed to such an extent that it can be considered an ideal brand for all categories, given its impressive quality/price ratio.

Dacia beats the competition (MondoFuoristrada)

More and more Dacia cars are taking a hit in terms of sales, but some of the proclamations bode well. One of the most prominent designers in the world of Dacia, Lawrence van der AckerShe made it clear that in the future the Romanian company could be the number one competitor for off-road jeeps.

It will definitely be a great result that will allow the brand to grow more and more. For several years now, Sandero has remained one of the most successful models on the market, primarily thanks to its price.

However, the future is becoming more and more electric, and for this reason as well Dasha And you must be able to be ready from this point of view. It certainly won’t be easy, but the company is increasingly trying to modernize itself to be ready for this challenge.

Now it seems certain the birth of one of the eagerly awaited models on the market that will undoubtedly be able to help more Dasha. The Sandero gets a makeover and does so with a truly dream car.

Dacia Sandero EV: when it arrives

For now, there are only images sourced from YouTube creators, in this case from the always attentive and reliable beloved 1. there Dacia Sandero In this case it is presented to the public in a more widespread version.

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Dacia Sandero EV, the car of the future
Dacia Sandero EV (Youtube – MondoFuoristrada)

However, what is always certain now is that Dacia Sandero Electricity will be saved, even if not in the short term. The deadline has been set for 2035, the year when all of Europe will turn once and for all towards sustainable reality.

there Dacia Sandero Except that it will become electric much sooner, between 2027 and 2028, and to confirm all this, think about it Dennis LeVot from on pages a truck I made some points. First of all, the house intends to keep the price as affordable as possible, even if some points turn up their noses.

votes In fact, I show how overall autonomy will be reduced and recharge times will certainly be extended. In 2024, Dacia will install the electric Duster inside CMF-B platform It will be the cornerstone of the next Dacia.

Sandero will therefore also use this version, which will be developed for all of the company’s cars Renault Nissan Mitsubishi range. Moreover, the new Sandero was confirmed by Dacia’s Marketing Director xavier Martinet, Which, as reported by motor1.com, made it clear that the Roman house had no intention of abandoning the B-class. There are still several years left, but the electric Sandero would be a great innovation.

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