The Bergueda Chamber Day will be repeated at Cal Rosal and will discuss recruitment, training and talent in the region

New edition of Pergueda Room DayIt will be on Thursday of next week, July 4, from 7 pm at the company’s headquarters. Curio Jardin de Cal Rosal. This year there will be a roundtable on recruitment, training and talent in addition to a conference for experts in digital technology Genius Roccaon artificial intelligence Apply to the world of business and work.

President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Al Brigida, Thank you SalisHe explained that the event maintains the essence of recent years: “We want it to be talked about Current Affairs Relevant to the business world, which is recognized Our production fabric work As a key factor for the growth and development of the region, we also intend to be so. A meeting place and relationship between entrepreneurs“.

As in recent editions, the event will revolve around a specific topic. admin, Javier Gonzalez CostaThey will lead the roundtable on employment in which they will participate. Joseph BarreraCardonina CEO, Vidmar Group, Anna RomeraDirector of GCTPLUS in Brigida, David MinoyoDirector of People and Organizational Development at Vera, and Ramon Serraformer FEDAC Xarxa practice coordinator and instructor. During this event there will also be a keynote address by Genius Rocca On artificial intelligence and it will be delivered Berguida Chamber Award 2024which will recognize a company in the region for its proven track record.

Unified action and reward

the Berguida room He has recovered Room Day any 2021as part of a strategy for all state chambers to regain their own annual meeting.

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In 2021 it was Chamber Day at Cal Vidal A roundtable was held on the potential of industrial colonies, in addition to a presentation on the challenges of society after the pandemic, presented by Savills CEO Aguirre Newman Barcelona, Anna Genet.

In 2022, the Chamber Day was held at the camping facilities of Berga Resort. His roundtable focused on industry and tourism. In this case, the lecture was given on the Chamber’s day by the culinary expert of Berguida. Tony Masanis He discussed tourism marketing and the importance of regional branding by identifying the potential of the region.

In 2023, last year, Chamber Day arrived at the Curriu Garden facilities at Cal Rosal.Where it will be repeated this year. A year ago, the Roundtable gave voice to people from the region who were involved in internationalization strategies, while the founder and director of the Institute of Photonic Sciences, Lewis Turner and SabataThe conference gave.

Last year, the Chamber benefited from meeting at Cal Rosal. Recover the room awardwhich went to the Ramaders de Muntanya del Berguedà cooperative “for perseverance, motivation and effort in the development of Berguedà” and for its more than 30 years of experience in the primary sector. This year the award will be given again to another company that will be announced during the Thursday 4 action.

To attend the event, you must register. here

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