“Now the Scudetto and the Champions League”

“Now the Scudetto and the Champions League”

Technical staff

The Napoli staff will be mixed, between men Garcia trusts and men from the club: «There are already quality people, in Rome I already worked with Picaccioli to analyze the video, and I will bring three assistants with me to mix the best of our knowledge,» says Rudi Garcia.

logo of the year

“I have no motto for the team, I only have the values ​​to put on the field,” Rudi Garcia repels those who invoke a Spalletti-like motto. “My values ​​are ambition, talent and race. It is played in eleven but the team consists of 25 members. We need to make everyone grow up, even the little ones.”

Intersection with Spalletti

Sliding doors from Naples to Rome: «Me and Spalletti? It’s fate – Rudi Garcia smiles – He replaced me in Rome, I will replace him here after his hot season ».

ADL announces the renewal of Osimhen

The announcement, long awaited by the fans, bears the signature of De Laurentiis: “We have already spoken with Osimhen before the Scudetto party. We generally agree on a two-year contract extension ».

Garcia alarm clock

There is no danger of relaxation: “You will not have to touch the desire: if the team is as motivated as I am, we will fight with anyone,” explains Rudi Garcia. And he continues, “When you win, you can sleep a little unconsciously, but I will set the alarm. There are young players here who can improve more. All I can do is be competitive.”

No tactical revolution

There is only one way to win again: “Whoever sits on this bench now knows that the bar is high. We have to repeat ourselves and it won’t be easy – explains Garcia – I don’t come here to revolutionize everything: if the team was the same as last year, I wouldn’t change everything. I will add my touch. I’ve played with 4-3-3 but also with other formations. The coach has to adapt to the players: 4-3-3 seems ideal for this team, but there is a staff that works to change its face during the game or during the year. Players must have an important tactical culture.”

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Garcia: “I’m not afraid of anything”

“Afraid of this challenge? I’m not afraid of anything,” says Rudi Garcia. And applause rained down the ballroom of the Capodimonte Palace. “This victory in the tournament should give confidence to the players, but we must be good at starting from scratch, getting back to sweating, Otherwise, we will not reach any goal. The team must partially forget what has been achieved, while maintaining some ambition. All this season I have seen a team that defended together and played well together. It is not about the quality of the individual. The boss will give me a high-quality team and with a high-quality team “We can entertain the fans. My team likes to have possession of the ball and score one goal more than the opponents. We have to start with a bomb and also reach the end.”

Season goals

What are the goals of Napoli? If De Laurentiis hopes to repeat himself in the league and aims for the semi-finals of the Champions League – «Now let’s try to reach at least the final, then we’ll play it» – Garcia smiled: «We found ourselves in agreement with De Laurentiis on goals. When I play, I play to win. The president has set the bar high, in the Champions League there are teams who have waited 15 years of investment to win.

But I dream like him, I’m here to win. To do that after 33 years is great, but I think Napoli should play the Champions League every year and always play the Scudetto.”

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Garcia’s first words

Here is Rudy Garcia. Here are the first words of the French coach in Napoli: “My first gift from De Laurentiis is to be here with you in Naples. The boss and I have ambitions, I congratulate him on what has been achieved this year. I thank the fans for the welcome today. When I arrived I saw the city full of flags and banners. Napoli is very proud of this team. My goal is to do it again in the future.”

Greetings from De Laurentiis

After Bellinger, it is the turn of Aurelio De Laurentiis: «We want to celebrate this year here in Capodimonte and create continuity with the new coach. Napoli won royally, so we have to continue with Garcia.

Bellinger works like Cicero

Sylvain Bellinger is the owner: «Welcome to Capodimonte, sir. I also thank the Consul of France who arrived in Naples this morning. Since this morning everyone has been asking me why we are here: perhaps because we have built football fields for many Neapolitan children or because there is a connection between football and art. Rudy is an artist, and players are works. It’s a lucky year for us: the team championship and the Neapolitan exhibition at the Louvre in Paris. Napoli won talent and culture. We are delighted to be able to welcome the new coach here.”

Garcia at breakfast with ADL

Rudi Garcia arrives in Naples: accompanied by his girlfriend Francesca Brienza, the new coach of the Azzurri meets the patron Aurelio De Laurentiis for a working breakfast overlooking the Bay of Naples: it is not excluded that Francesca can already see some apartments in Posillipo finally start this new adventure.

Here are the dates for the new season

While waiting for the presentation of the technical center in Castel Volturno, out of bounds due to the continuation of work, Rudi Garcia is currently scheduling the start dates for the season: medical visits in the technical center between July 10 and 11 and then everyone in Dimaro.

De Laurentiis will be there too

There will also be Aurelio De Laurentiis in the ballroom of the Capodimonte Palace. As usual, the sponsor will be present when the new coach is introduced.

Live show on Mattino.it

In an exceptional setting like the ballroom of the Palazzo Capodimonte, Rudi Garcia will utter his first words as the new coach of Napoli: the event will also be broadcast to all fans on Mattino.it.

It’s Rudy Garcia’s big day. After a traditional presidential tweet, the French coach will be officially presented today to the press in an exceptional setting, the ballroom of the Palazzo Capodimonte, the extraordinary Museum of Naples directed – not surprisingly – by a French director.

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