Klopp: Atalanta like a dentist? Mine from Liverpool, we can bother you too. About the future in the Italian League…'|Primapagina

Klopp: Atalanta like a dentist?  Mine from Liverpool, we can bother you too.  About the future in the Italian League…'|Primapagina

“We want to win, but not just for me, but for the team.” Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach On the eve of the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals againstAtalantascheduled for tomorrow at nine o'clock in the evening at Anfield Stadium.

Clear goal- “It will be an open match, but winning is not personal. The 2020 match was the beginning of other things but it was not a good match, we lost; before that it did not seem like we could participate in Europe yet.” “A few months ago, but now that we're here we want to win.”
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injured – “We have to see, obviously we didn't rush things, they trained a lot, but on their own, especially Diogo Jota and Alexander-Arnold, they looked fine yesterday, but I think it's been a long time without playing.” bagetic. “Alisson will be back. We need the best possible level. We will use their quality again in the next few weeks. I'm not sure about tomorrow.”

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“Chaos in stadium prices”I'm not worried about the lack of flags, there are people but I understand the discussions, it's an interesting issue. I didn't know that either. We want people to be on the pitch and for the pitch to be accessible to everyone. Every pound we earn is for football, and we are self-financing. The club does many things but I also understand the fans, they will find a solution, protests and discussions, but we have to make sure that nothing comes between us and the fans.Klopp's response came in response to a question about the protest that will be held at Anfield tomorrow evening, with the home team's fans not raising their flags to the stadium due to the rise in ticket prices.
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atlanta – “There are many other great teams but now we want to win: yesLet's see how Atalanta plays, Gasperini is doing a great job, he has been doing it for years, they are very disciplined and dangerous and we have to be at our best.On these two races without thinking about the final. “They are constantly defending, we expect a very organized and experienced team, and it will be a good match.” This is how the Liverpool coach commented on Pep Guardiola's famous phrase about Atalanta that it was a visit to the dentistdelivered in November 2019: “My dentist from Liverpool! They're tough, they're organized, they can be boring, but we can be boring too. We have to be strong, it will be an interesting battle. “I know they give us an advantage but that's not the case.”

Veteran like moments – “It doesn't happen often that you stay at the helm of a team for so long, I know that. You have to live and leave the club at the best possible moment. But it doesn't just depend on the coach. Gasperini has done a good job, it's time to say goodbye. I remember the game I played with Covid in Bergamo, it was a dangerous situation, and now I'm happy to find it again without Covid. League? “I only know Italian food, and I don't plan a future as a coach.”

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