March 31, 2023

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Season 1 may not start before March, for the data factor –

For those who can’t wait season 1 From Battlefield 2042 There may be some bad news. According to data worker Temporyal, a fairly well-known name in the Battlefield environment, the first season of the DICE shooter may not start until a month ago. March 2022.

According to the results of his research in the game client files, the data operator says that the layout is currently fine 12 weeks pre-seasonThe first season is expected to begin in March. The data factor notes that some of these could simply be “placeholders,” or some sort of Plan B in case DICE fails to complete preparations for Season 1 by a certain date, so for good reason, take this advice with caution.

However, if the launch of the first season is confirmed in March, this means that Battlefield 2042 players may have to wait a long time before the new content arrives in depth, although it cannot be ruled out that DICE will not in any case release new maps, modes, etc. . Even before the first season.

Temporyal also states that “Exposure” will be the final name of the map previously found in the game files as “Ridge”. The arrival of the new content anyway has already been confirmed by a DICE spokesperson at GameSpot, so this isn’t new.

If you haven’t tried Battlefield 2042 yet, the game is currently available on PC on Steam and will be available until tomorrow, Monday, December 20.