Ferrari, the exciting farewell has arrived: it’s over for now

Ferrari, the exciting farewell has arrived: it’s over for now

Ferrari, the exciting farewell has arrived: it’s over for now. Not everyone knew about the hidden passion of a big name in Formula 1

Despite being a formidable opponent on the track and in the “political” halls of circuses, Toto Wolff can’t hide his attraction to Ferraris. But now he has decided to sell another one from his collection.

Leclerc and Sainz –

For the past 10 years, his number has always been in contrast to No Ferrari. On the track, it was the toughest obstacle for the team to overcome Maranello Since the advent of the hybrid era. Toto Wolff is not only the principal of the Mercedes team But also one of the most influential figures in the ring.

It was precisely with the upper management of the Reds that he clashed a few years ago when he was previously held back The horse jumps its ascent into F1. in the role it is in today Sundays There could be, da CEO of Liberty Media and the new reference format for the entire camper. It all disappeared, like an opportunity Marchionne before f John Elkann Then, to bypass the “silver arrows” in the world war.

This season, thanks to the drop in W13 And advance F1-75, For the first time after 9 years, the Italian team put its head forward in the Constructors’ Championship (taking second place behind Red Bull).

Ferrari, Toto Wolff sell another piece from his collection: the reason is “environmental”

Toto Wolff Ferrari
Toto Wolff Ferrari –

What few people know, however, is his passion as a car collector Maranello. Enemies on the track yes, but a huge fan on the street.

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the group Wolf Ferrari It includes some of the most popular models ever produced by the Italian automaker. One of the most important cars that passed through his garage is Ferrari Enzo A limited edition supercar produced between 2002 and 2004. Only the Enzo was built 399 samples Making it one of the most unique and sought-after Ferraris ever.

Another valuable asset in the Wolf Group is Ferrari F40, a two-seater sports car produced between 1987 and 1992. However, the latter, as well as the Enzo, will not be part of its range. This is because the boss decided to green his driving habits.

From now on he will drive Only electric cars produced by the Mercedes EQ brand. Precisely for this reason, after selling Enzo, Now he will also sell the F40 to Tom Hartley Jr.’s dealership.

Wolff and the Ferrari F40: all the characteristics of the racing car sold by the Mercedes team manager

Old Ferrari F40 models
Old Ferrari F40 models –

The car in question is in perfect condition, so much so that it earned the most points in Ferrari Classic “Red Book”. The car has been overhauled by specialized technicians from Bonini Carlo Srl’s garage in Cadelbosco di Sotto, in the province of Reggio Emilia. In total, only 5,500 km have been traveled, while the price is only available upon request.

If we stick to market bids for models of this type, we’re close million euros, To some extent. This is because we are talking about one of the most iconic Ferrari production cars of all time, which is capable of becoming a true legend for all fans of the wild horse.

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After these actions, one would stay in Wolfe’s garage, at least for the time being Ferrari 599 GTOSa limited edition of 599 GTB Fiorano and 512 TR, A two-seater sports car produced between 1991 and 1994.

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