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Napoli, after two successive defeats, and despite many absences, made their most important match today, the 18th major match at the San Siro stadium, beating Milan 1-0 and reaching it in second place with 39 points. It is the result that Inter graduates the Winter Champion with one turn to spare, launching them towards potential escape while rivals are unable to keep up with his pace, which has become urgent. The Meazza match was tackled with the goal at 5′ from Elmas, good at dodging the Rossoneri’s defense with a header from a corner kick, with Milan unable to hurt the well-organised Azzurri defence. The Rossoneri are futile even in the last attack, but they will lead to the discussion of disallowing Casey’s goal in the 44th minute due to Giroud’s offside. record

The result reinforces Inter’s intentions in pursuit of a second title: replacing Conte with Inzaghi, the product does not change. On the other hand, Bergamo, as a result of yesterday, reopened the race of champions that almost seemed to be in the archives. Atalanta, who had problems at home, fell to the best of Roma in Mourinho and Giallorossi, together with Juventus, fought Fiorentina in fifth place, behind Sassuolo. Mourinho and Allegri reappear and promised a battle in the second round. Lazio Sarri can be added to the preliminary round if they can settle the divisions and stop the underlying conflicts between players, clubs and fans. Fiorentina spoil the chance to remain alone in fifth place with a draw with strong Sassuolo, on the sixth advantageous score in a row, in a vibrant and balanced match. Only Torino win the other matches on Sunday afternoon, winning 1-0 and bypassing Verona, while Spezia-Empoli and Samp-Venezia finished 1-1, a small step forward for everyone.

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Italy’s Fiorentina were surprised in the first half by restarting a well-defended Sassuolo team from purple incursions which also spoil much for timely interventions by the boards. Schamaka and Frattisi hit hard in a few minutes, but the Violet in the second half rolled up their sleeves and resumed the match with Vlahovic and Torreira. Overtaking seemed to be around the corner but Biraghi was sent off, and the Italian replaced Vlahovic who didn’t handle the matter well. The game returns to balance with well-distributed possibilities. It’s Fiorentina’s first draw of the season, and the match presents the sentiments of the original strikers: Valhović is in the sixth game with goals, and leads the scorers with 16 goals, equaling Ronaldo’s calendar year record with 33 goals in 2020. Scamaca still shines in Sassuolo, the graceful giant Who liberates himself like few others and empties violent conclusions into Bobo Vieri: he’s scoring his sixth goal of the season and merging better and better with another rising rasbadori.

Two unfortunate own goals scored the same between Spezia and Empoli, a result that satisfies both but does not enhance them. It is the lesser of two evils. The Ligurians do not benefit from a knockout of the next three in the standings, but they move to +3 from the relegation zone. Tuscany brakes after the victory in Naples and overtaken Lazio. First Marchesa and then Nicolau put their goalkeeper in a clumsy attempt to block, then Empoli awarded the penalty for a Cutrone shot that Amiens deflected in a sprawling fashion. But in slow motion the referee notices that he has passed. Empoli, then, is the closest to success, but equality does not change. Torino takes advantage of Pobiga’s goal in the first half and resists the final aggressive Hellas, who has already remained in 10th place from 15 points. For grenades, the second success in a row deserved the 10th place. Venice celebrates Henry’s last-minute goal which balances Gabbiadini’s 1st minute goal and brings the Ligurians closer, who after success in the derby were counting on a new win to move away from the slums.

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