Netflix has started distributing video games to smartphones

Netflix has started distributing video games on smartphones. A few months ago, in Poland, Spain and Italy, some subscribers of the movie and TV series streaming service were able to try some Netflix video games: now subscribers in all countries where the platform is located can do so, provided they have a device with the Android operating system. To play there are no additional fees in addition to the cost of the monthly subscription.

At the moment, there are five games and they must be downloaded from Google Play, while they can also be downloaded from the Netflix app from tomorrow. The games are called Stranger Things: 1984And Stranger Things 3: The GameAnd Do you have any other information about this event?And card blast NS swingingIt does not contain any advertising or content that requires additional purchases to play. It’s not available on kids’ profiles and it’s not yet known when it will also be available on iOS devices.

While Netflix video games are now free to subscribers, they could generate significant revenue for the company in the future. There are an estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, and total video game spending is expected to reach $200 billion in 2023, up from $176 billion this year. Of these, about half should be spent on smartphone games, The ones you bet on Netflix. However, the video game market is highly competitive, and other video content creators have tried the same path as Netflix with unsatisfactory results: Disney, for example, closed its video game production studio in 2016, posting a loss of 147 million dollar.

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