MotoGP, Quartararo warns Yamaha: 'I have reached out to other brands'

MotoGP, Quartararo warns Yamaha: 'I have reached out to other brands'

Bologna, February 14, 2024 – 2024 will be a year full of success on the track and off it as well. Mark's passage Marquis In Ducati arouses a lot of curiosity, like Luca Marini At Honda, but behind the scenes they are working on 2025, taking advantage of the expiration of several riders' contracts at the end of the year. Among them there is also Fabio My quarter, 2021 world champion with Yamaha but is very concerned about the Japanese manufacturer's lack of competitiveness in the past two years. The Frenchman asks for a change of pace Yamaha He tried to please him, but his performance is what will tip the scales between staying or leaving. The three tuning forks move strongly, the interface has changed, work is being done on the motor and grip and, above all, two Ducati technicians have arrived to increase the competitiveness of the M1, but everything must be translated to the track. Focus on this My quarter Even if other brands have already moved on and Yamaha will have to be careful.

Quarta speaks clearly: “I contacted other brands.”

It is the year of truth Yamaha. Compromises and the need to get back into the competition again not only to win but also to convince Fabio My quarter To stay. The year 2024 will be crucial for the three tuning forks. “We need to get back to the top level, bring Ducati and KTM closer together and make the Ducati-dominated Moto GP more balanced. Then there is My quarter It expires and the Frenchman is not one of those who refuse the first contacts with other houses. The 2021 world champion has been asking Yamaha to make improvements for two years, but they have not arrived yet. He hopes that 2024 will see a revolution in Japanese philosophy and a greater force to bring European brands closer together. Already in the first tests A Sepang We've seen innovations in aerodynamics and continue to work behind the scenes on engine power, handling and grip. My quarter He wants to get back to fighting for wins and if Yamaha doesn't give him a competitive bike, he will choose another path: change. Yamaha must take the biggest steps forward on the flying lap, which is key to getting a better position on the grid and thus having a better chance in the race. The Japanese Revolution is already speaking Italian with Max's arrival Bartolini And Marco Nicotra From Ducati, as reported by, but he is on the right track My quarter He will want to see the desired progress: “Yamaha has responded to my requests even if we are not yet where I wanted – the Frenchman's words – let's say the way of working is more aggressive and everyone is working hard to improve it.” There are new people in the team who come from a manufacturer that wins and is now ahead of us A lot.” But pay attention to the future, because My quarter It does not close the doors to changing the shirt at all. The first contacts have already been made: “I have already made contacts with other brands – the acceptance of Quarta in motorsport – Yamaha will know this for sure and it depends on the steps they will take. I am happy with what they have done, but now it is about seeing how things develop in the short term.” “. It is not known who contacted Quarta, but it is certainly possible that there is evidence Honda For 2025 if he does not return Marquiswithout forgetting Aprilia, even if Massimo Rivola recently announced that he wants an Italian rider, which is Bastianini, but who knows if Quarta also wants to ride a Ducati… Read also – Uchio's entire world: “Vale is a teacher and a brother”

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