Great game and dash for goal. Beer night. IKONE Helper. Vlahovic scores, penalty for fouls and regrets. Other means of transportation. Rocco, in Franchi, the break is decisive

A wonderful night in which games and goals spontaneously shoot off the heads and feet of those players who, game after game, have become the football machinery designed by a great Italian. The Torino incident is buried once and for all, after five goals against Napoli in the cup, six in Genoa in the league tells us that Fiorentina has resumed In return, he will be able to do better by broadening his horizons.

It’s true that Genoa is a small thing, almost a team in disarmament, they certainly helped, but Fiorentina has always acted as a very organized teamThat’s what should make the coach and fans happy, the game works and the character is there and the players are always looking for thoughtful movements in training to perfect and enhance them. Game by game you can see the improvements and what I say is confirmed by the scorers’ report. When Odriozola, Bonaventura or Torreira score, it is the maneuver that works, the maneuver that leads to everyone shooting, glorifying the idea of ​​the game.

But this was mostly Biraghi night Instead of using two goals from a free kick and an assist It reached the climax of its history with Florence Fiorentina and the captain’s armband honored to the fullest. Biraghi also tells us how the player can improve, play better and get excited when there is a game that helps him. We discussed it when he came back from Inter after a good season and there was a reason: Inter played a game. In the little Fiorentina game in recent years it was easier to miss, Now Biraghi is expressing all his potential and I am happy for him because he is not a hero, but a good player. About the national team and this I hope will finally be recognized by everyone. He deserves.

But, just to talk about one of the new, in the few minutes of Franchi’s debut, Acone also provided other help.

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It’s hard to say the best: it’s an exceptional evening as a team and as a team.

And Willhovich? We haven’t talked about it yet, but he scored too. But this team is not only him. He also missed a zero-to-zero penalty allowing himself the sleight of spoonfuls. He apologized and here we saw the boy’s maturity, sensitivity and respect: he did not go to his head. For the future? here we go again.

As we have told you many times, There is half of Europe with the ball at the window to see what role the story will take, but for now it has to come forward only arsenal That through mediators drafted a general proposal waiting to understand when you can sit down to negotiate.

We affirm that the British are willing to pay between seventy and eighty million to Vlahovic by including Torreira in the package, worth 15 million. For the Serbian player, a five-year contract with eight million plus bonuses is ready. Ten million for the attorney general. Proposed with contofiocchi that after the silence that accompanied him for weeks He’s now met with some very strong “no thanks”.

At this point, the psychics do not know how to move, and the position of Ristic and his comrades seems clear and solid.

Why does Vlahovic not want to go to Arsenal?

The answer is very simple, the proposal lacks one of the goals Doosan asks for his future: winning. If he hasn’t already picked (and there are doubts), it’s easy to imagine going to a team that in addition to giving him money would also give him a chance to beat sporting satisfaction and Arsenal are already superb but far from the top of the Premier League and Europe.

There are less than two weeks left until the market closes, which will result in the curtain closing on the evening of Monday, January 31 And at this point, it looks very complicated for Fiorentina to be able to sell Vlahovic in this market session as they would like, the last chance to get a big amount and make a big capital gain.

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All postponed to summer?

It is possible even if the fear expressed by Joe Barron in recent days that Vlahovic’s goal may in fact be to go to zero within a year becomes an option at this point.

However, the player is more likely to think that the player also wants to close the purple bow in the summer To find a new team and personal peace of mind in view of the World Cup in Qatar with Serbia where he wants to be the protagonist.

And guessing for the summer is complicated. Now there is someone speculating that behind Dybala’s possible abandonment of Juventus is a desire to invest that maximum salary on Vlahovic.But between now and June the rumors will remain endless. If anything, we need to understand how Fiorentina would react if they failed to reopen a dialogue that would lead to at least a joint sale.

but that is not all.

It is also necessary to understand how Rocco Commisso would react to Franchi’s restructuring Which sets the maximum distance between Fiorentina and the municipal administration.

It is clear that Nardella is a journey forward. To avoid a complete defeat on the field, he rode European money to restore the Franks that not everyone cared about even three years ago. We are all waiting to understand what the idea competition will generate and which project will be selectedHowever, criticism still abounds, despite Nardelli’s now-example optimism.

The first question at stake: Fiorentina has not yet mentioned whether he will play with Franchi in the future.

It seems that Commisso is not happy with these unilateral decisions He is not the type to readily accept the input of management that will put before him a non-shared restoration and somehow take it or leave it. Among other things, it is also conceivable that the rent should have a significant upward revision.

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But this is not enough. Nobody is telling you that the hundred million that PNRR earned would be brought back to Europe by us and our children, while the stadium would have gladly done so out of its own pocket.. But above all, they do not tell you that returning these hundred million Europeans to the Franks will not be enough.

There are those who have already talked about the need to find at least another hundred and Rocco is not willing to put in even one euro and she has already said so.

Who will wear them?

The municipality does not own it and the priorities are different. The risks of starting a restoration and not having the money to finish it are very high.

However, we will see some good players and I wouldn’t be surprised if Commisso decides to take Fiorentina to play elsewhere. And in any case, this pitch could be the last straw that spills over the relationship between Rocco and a certain Florentine politics. Anyone who has read the interview with the Financial Times understands what I mean.

Far from the terms used, unacceptable and inappropriate, highlighted by Rocco’s often colorful way of expressing himself and being, what he said is the truth. How many times have we said “that’s..from the playground” they go to the bathrooms, get wet, line up for coffee or look at cracks and rust? It’s not the fault of those who built it, Nervi’s work is architecturally exceptional and protected by the watchdog, but because of the way it was abandoned over the years by a management who thought about building the stadium elsewhere and then stayed with two models in but number.

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