Judge's decision in the case of Juan Jesus LlVE

Judge's decision in the case of Juan Jesus LlVE

A very important day for this issue Juan Jesus Acerbe And alleged insults Racists. The players were interviewed and the Federal Prosecutor's Office completed its additional investigation. Today the ruling of the sports judge arrives regarding the possible exclusion of the Nerazzurri defender. All updates for today.


Juan Jesus replied

After hearing Acerbe's words, Juan Jesus vented in an Instagram post and went public The alleged phrase said by the Nerazzurri defender.


Acerbe's defence

“No racist words. I know what I'm saying”: After returning from retirement from the national team, Acerbe defended himself in this way. Her words.


Juan Jesus, Napoli support

Napoli showed it right away His support for Juan Jesus In the fight against racism.


From the national team's farewell to the Public Prosecution

I hit the story Immature Immediately after the match. The defender had left retreat Nationalleaving for the United States, and then the Attorney General's Office began to act: Reconstruction.


In the case of Acerbi, there is an interesting hypothesis

After the racist accusations made by Juan Jesus and the investigation conducted by the Italian Football Federation's General Prosecutor's Office, the ball is in Mastrandrea's court: What could happen.

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Airby, whatever happens will happen

“Whatever happened, it happened. I cultivate Hopefully this precedent will serve as a lesson For those who don't understand yet. What? “The world has finally changed.”: Director Zazzaroni's comment on the matter.


Acerbi awaits sentencing at home

The defender did not participate in today's training session with his Inter team teammates. He is currently at home awaiting the ruling of the sports judge regarding the racist episode with Juan Jesus. The official decision is expected to be issued soon


Acerbi case, ruling soon

A sporting judge's ruling on the alleged racist insult directed by Francesco Acerbe towards Juan Jesus in the Serie A match between Inter and Napoli will be issued soon.


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