Barco, the Maradona dream and the thread that connects it to Tevez: Who is Juventus’ target?

Barco, the Maradona dream and the thread that connects it to Tevez: Who is Juventus’ target?

The curiosity you didn’t know about the Argentine left-back, now an Under-20 World Cup champion, who ended up in the black-and-white club’s sights

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Valentin Barco is the quality-enhancing young player Juventus are evaluating for the left lane. Born on July 23, 2004, he plays for Boca Juniors and is currently participating in the Under-20 World Cup with his native country, Argentina.
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In 2021, the English newspaper The Guardian included him in the list of the sixty best talents born in 2004: the ranking also included Javi, Luca Romero, Yousova Moukoko, Giacomo Vaticante, Samuel Venato and former Juventus player Elias Solberg.

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Also in 2021, at the age of 16, Valentin Barco spoke to Maradona: “My dream is to get to the Boca first team, the first national team and win the World Cup.”
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He made his professional debut at just 16 years, 11 months and 23 days old, becoming the fourth youngest player in Boca Juniors history.

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He arrived at the Boca Youth Academy at the age of only nine. First round? striker. He is now a left back. Speed ​​and technique are his greatest qualities
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El Colo’, that’s Barco’s nickname, will also be in goal for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City
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It follows Adrien Rocco, the agent who brought Carlitos Tevez to Turin
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His girlfriend, Agustina Sequeira, attends all the U-20 World Cup matches: “Everywhere with you,” he wrote on social media after the match in which Argentina beat Uzbekistan.

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