A place in the sun, the actress’ confession unsettles everyone: “Unfortunately it’s over.”

A place in the sun, the actress’ confession unsettles everyone: “Unfortunately it’s over.”

The actress from A Place in the Sun let herself go to a confession that left her speechless: the audience was shocked, what happened.

There are actually different TV series that are usually broadcasted on our small screens, however place in the sun It is certainly among the most lived and loved by Italians. First broadcast in 1996, Palazzo Palladini’s condominium adventures continue to impress. And especially now that the plots are becoming more compelling and unmissable, Rai Tre viewers can’t wait to find out more.

Confession of the actress A place in the sun freezes everyone: what happened. Credits: Facebook @ unpostosolerai3 (Grantennistoscana.it)

Bad news for all A Place in the Sun fans: One leading actress let herself go with a revelation that left everyone dumbfounded. “Unfortunately it’s over,” The beloved face of the soap was revealed during an interview with soap tv. A truly confusing announcement that, as you can clearly understand, left the entire A Place in the Sun audience completely speechless.

The key to the success of Un posto al wahid is exactly this: a constant alternation of twists and turns. The one that the beloved soap actress ‘predicted’, no one could have ever imagined. What exactly are we talking about? Let’s find out together.

The “A Place in the Sun” actress has everyone stunned: an exciting revelation

Those who love a place in the sun and never miss an episode, know very well that over the past few weeks, the plots of the Neapolitan soap opera have largely focused on one story: The love story between Alberto Palladini and the beautiful Clara.

The two meet by sheer chance inside the building and, despite many ups and downs, begin a wonderful romance, which culminates in the birth of their baby boy, Federico.

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Emma Peroni leaves Un posto fans stunned: it’s over for now. Credits: Instagram @pironeimma (@grantennistoscana.it)

The love story between Alberto and Clara has never been so idyllic, but this time it seems so The two really said “goodbye” forever. At least, this was revealed by the young man Pirone a soap tv.

It seemed that everything was going smoothly between the lovebirds. After a period of crisis, in fact, the two reconciled and enjoyed their lives with little Federico. But the story stopped abruptly. Clara, strongly suspecting her partner of infidelity, confirmed all her suspicions, and decided to end relations with her partner once and for all.

But what will happen now? Will Clara and Alberto make peace? Apparently, it does not appear! “Good things come to an end soon. And it was the same for Clara.” explained to Neapolitan. In short, apparently, there seems to be – at least for the time being – no flashbacks between her and the handsome lawyer. That moment of apparent peace lasted a flicker, just long enough to bring out the nature of a Paladini who never denied himself. he said again.

Who knows how it will really turn out between them. However, Perón’s words are crystal clear: her life is light years away from Alberto’s.

A preview of a place in the sun from May 29 to June 1

Do you love A Place in the Sun so much that you can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming episodes? So, it’s nice to know that some are waiting for you Don’t miss appointments from May 29th to June 1st.

In these past few episodes, everyone’s attention has been focused on Lara and her “secret,” but then what?

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What will happen to a place under the sun from May 29 to June 1. Credits: Facebook @ unpostosolerai3 (Grantennistoscana.it)

A new hero is about to arrive at Paladini Palace: Ida, the biological mother of Lara and Alberto Ferri’s son. Therefore, the woman will arrive in Naples with the intention of retrieving her son and unmasking Martinelli’s cruel plan, but the latter will not be of the same opinion.

You perfectly understand the intentions of the young Pole, in fact, Lara will do everything to get her out of Naples and, above all, from Alberto Ferri. Will he succeed in his intention? That’s all that can be seen. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Mariella and Guido, who – together with Bice and Cerruti – will continue their cruise, but above all on Manuela and Niko.

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