Rome Science Festival stops at Fiumicino Airport: free event programme

Rome Science Festival stops at Fiumicino Airport: free event programme

The Rome Science Festival will start next Monday, November 21, for a week dedicated to the theme of explorationamong the most important and elaborate Italian science festivals, with many dates and a rich and interdisciplinary program that will take place between the classic sites of the event and the innovative spaces of the capital.

Among the places where the flag will stop in this seventeenth edition, is also the “Leonardo da Vinci” International Airport Where on November 23 will be held Building 5, organized by ADR, the initiative “We love the Earth”, open to the public freely and free of charge, with a unique calendar of appointments and guests.

“We love the Earth” at Fiumicino Airport: exploration theme in T5 at the ADR event designed for the “Rome Science Festival”

The Rome Science Festival 2022, now in its seventeenth edition entirely devoted to explorations, narrated with that interdisciplinary and transversal approach that characterizes the Romanian scientific initiative.

Exploration as a subject and in science will inevitably see the champion as a place that welcomes innovation, growth and discovery in the literal sense of the term, Aeroporti di Roma, with a dedicated initiative titled “We love the Earth ”inside Terminal 5 with open and free admission on November 23 from 19:00 to 22:00.

ADR Initiatives Program “We Love the Earth”

The program has a great section on “world foodSubmitted by Dauro ZucchiSpecial guest in the ‘Explorer’ role as Project Manager slow food ark of taste, that He travels around the world collecting products Which belong to the culture, history and traditions of the entire planet, which represents an extraordinary heritage, consisting of fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheese, bread, sweets and cured meats whose existence as a biodiversity is also in danger of extinction due to the industrialization of agriculture, genetic erosion, shifting food patterns, and climate change. , abandoning rural areas, migrations and conflicts.

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Another trip and exploration about food will then be the ARoots project: the stories behind the food with testimonials about preserving food in the world by Ludovica Bo, former student of the University of Pollenzo and teacher of educational excursions. Students from the same university were present at the event.

“time is upon us” It is instead the title of presentation and testimony of the meteorologist Serena Giacomin Who will tell during his speech how his passion for meteorology was born, that is, on a sailboat at the age of eight: “I set foot on a boat for the first time and since that day I have never stopped observing the sky and the sea. That is why I soon decided to study Atmospheric physics and meteorologyto find all the answers to the many questions I asked myself while observing storms and waves.”

This is how the expert decided, after obtaining a master’s degree in physics, to specialize in the energy sector (energy efficiency and renewable energy sources) at the Polytechnic of Milan, to study meteorological phenomena on a daily basis, from which we can guess the abundance of energy, from the sun to the wind, even those generated by sea waves: “Trying to change – in a small way – the current state of exploitation of the planet’s resources for energy supply (which is still closely linked to the use of fossil fuels) has become my primary goal. I took up the field of combating climate change, promoting adaptation and mitigation actions, and became the President of the Italian Climate NetworkIt is a non-profit association that is also active internationally on sensitive issues such as human rights and health.

After years of searching, he also began to devote himself Publication of science in television and multimediaSince 2015, I have been working as a meteorologist and climatologist at Meteo Expert, in addition to forecasting analysis activities, I conduct weather sections broadcast on Mediaset channels and take care of a school project to bring weather and climate among today’s children and adolescents.

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“global cuisine” is the address of the place where Rui Caceres of the Carnal Restaurant in Rome will be the protagonistwhich is also an exploration in this case but which passes from a new Latino pop project that combines the vitality of South America with the spirit of Italy.

Still at T5, the evening continues with the presentation “Forest resilience” with testimony George FacianoResearcher in Forestry Department and Planning: “For my research, Nature magazine listed me as one of the world’s 11 emerging scientists in 2018. As a scientist, I feel a responsibility to serve the citizens of the world and their political representatives by telling everyone that we are experiencing an emergency in a way that is clear, simple, and understandable. When I’m not in the forest taking measurements or in computer programming mathematical models of forest dynamics, I dedicate myself to spreading my knowledge of climate change, explaining its causes, effects and possible solutions based on science “- he concludes.

Among T5’s “WE LOVE THE EARTH” events we also mention “1… 2… TRASH! I’m throwing myself tonight!” Review conference on environmental waste, energy and the circular economy with Alessandra Viola and Piero Martin Book authors ‘waste. All you need to know about waste and the Recycled Musical Circus.

The event will serve to learn, while having fun, what waste is and how it is managed in the world today, what are the most dangerous for the environment and for health and how what we throw away can be turned into valuable resources for development, also starting from our personal and collective behaviour. A circular economy story told with words and music.

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From space travel to the depths of the Earth, and from the atmosphere to the sea floor, waste is everywhere and is now part of our culture and also a threat to sustainable development (think plastic!). Knowing them and learning how to produce less, dispose of better and reuse them is now more necessary than ever and can even be fun.

Admission to ADR’s November 23rd “We Love the Earth” event is FREE and FREE. Found in Google News:
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