Science, Polica Summer Workshop: 150 Theoretical Physicists Discuss Artificial Intelligence and Dark Matter

Science, Polica Summer Workshop: 150 Theoretical Physicists Discuss Artificial Intelligence and Dark Matter

Pictured is Mario Martin

The appointment is back with the Pollica Summer Workshop, promoted and organized by the newly established Polica Physics Centre. In the municipality of Selentan, about 150 Theoretical physicists, from Twenty one Countries of the world, to discuss and study the mysteries of the universe, with eyes open to one of the main topics: artificial intelligence and its implications for the world of physical and mathematical studies.

Three study sessions scheduled at Castello dei Principi Capano: At the Interface of Physics, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (May 29-June 2), New Connections between Physics and Number Theory (June 5-26) and Self-Interacting Dark Matter: Models, Simulations and Signals (June 19-30) .

Event powered by Campania regionAnd Polina municipalityAnd University of Naples Federico IIAnd University of Salerno And INFN – National Institute of Nuclear Physics, will see the participation of scientists from all over Europe, as well as from the United States, Mexico, Canada, China, India, Korea and Japan. About 50 universities participated, including MIT, Oxford, and Princeton, as well as Italy’s La Sapienza University, Federico II, the University of Salerno, Bologna, and Turin, to name a few.

The goal of this initiative is to bring together theoretical and experimental physicists who share an attitude towards interdisciplinarity, as well as an intent to investigate the links between theory and experiment in order to be able to solve some of the key mysteries of the universe.

“We are very proud of the project we are building, thanks to the support of an extraordinary network of partners – he comments Mario Marton, Head of the Polica Physics Center and Professor of Theoretical Physics at King’s College London -. Year after year, the Pollica Summer Workshop is growing and establishing itself as an important event among scientists from all over the world, just compare the numbers for 2023 with those for last year with 80 participants and 15 participating countries.

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Pollica promotes its role as a municipality with an international vocation, open to discussion and science. An option, is to bring a center specializing in theoretical physics to the south, which proves successful and encourages us to do more and better.”

Similar to the international experiments of the Aspen Center for Physics in Colorado and the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in California, the idea for the Policca Physics Center emerged in 2015 from the idea of ​​three young Italian physicists who created the conference cycle and study center project: Martone, Angelo EspositoProfessor at La Sapienza, and Chiara ToldoResearcher at Harvard University. Today, the steering committee is complemented by Mauro’s expertise the valleysProfessor at La Sapienza and Pietro Benetti Ginoliniwho teaches at King’s College London.

The researchers will remain in “widespread” mode in residence facilities managed by the consortium Pollica City Slow Host & Food.

The Pollica Summer Workshop has returned to bring the global scientific debate back to Campania on topics of great importance and interest for future industrial applications and development scenarios.

A unique and strategic appointment that attracts 150 theoretical physicists from more than 20 countries, where they act as a catalyst for the dissemination of science and the promotion of Campania’s research, which sees Physics as “positioning itself among the fields of excellence” Valeria comments compoundResearch, innovation and start-up consultant in the Campania region.

“The Policca Summer Workshop is a very important scientific appointment – ​​adds Policca Mayor Stefano Bizan – which, together with other moments of research and study that we permanently host in Policca, turn our land into a natural laboratory that, from the cradle of longevity studies and the homeland of the Mediterranean diet, tries to become a model of the future for marginal regions. We are glad that we have become an international reference point for scientists from all over the world, who will find many stimuli here to fuel their research and studies.”

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In the field of theoretical physics, in recent decades we have seen the birth of new scientific institutions that present themselves as “overcoming” affiliation to a particular university and take the form of “neutral” venues that allow theoretical physicists to meet to discuss current issues of fundamental physics in an “open” and “dialogue” way. , as it happens at INFN’s Galileo Galilei Institute – explains Franco Pizzalla, INFN Researcher, Naples Department – The Pollica Physics Center fits into this context and aims to achieve this goal in the heart of the south, in Pollica. The impact of this initiative on local scientific communities, for example Federico II, University of Salerno, INFN, is indisputable. I was honored to be part of the organizing committee for the first workshops of the year and I am grateful to the Chair of the Polica Physics Center for such participation. The title of the workshop “At the interface of Physics, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence” refers to another objective of the Study Centre: to indicate the activities promoted of an interdisciplinary nature. The promotion of new, unexplored directions is one of the most compelling privileges of PPC.

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