Siderno, the Festival of the Universe enchants students between science and the future

Siderno, the Festival of the Universe enchants students between science and the future

The metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria is coming to life “Festival of the universe, science, culture and society” and stops at the G. Marconi Institute of Higher Education in Cederno. The event, which began on October 4 and was created by the Metropolitan City itself, brings together in a series of open meetings for students and citizens The best Italian and international scientific literature.

A reliable event with an exceptional audience Scientists from the most prestigious universities in the world Who display and participate in their work Universe Prize Which will be awarded by a scientific committee and by students of the institutes that have joined the award for the year 2023. This year 24 institutes participated – including 5 Italian schools abroad – with a total of 450 students.

Conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, musical and artistic performances It is characterized by a rich program that will culminate in the last day on Saturday 7th, when the judicial reading will be delivered Harvard physicist Avi Loeb and an awards ceremony that will also host the concert International singer Amy Stewart.

Cederno stage Instead, the 2023 Cosmos Festival saw the professor as a guest Riccardo BarbieriProfessor of Applied Physics at the University of Calabria, who, in a meeting moderated by Prof. Vincenzo Cristina Which also witnessed the presence of Cederno’s culture advisor Francesca Lo Presti“, he told several students The contribution of Calabrian scientists – over the centuries – to building scientific thought.

«The children were amazed by information they did not have – explained Professor Burberry – I think this meeting allowed them, in a way, to obtain information Better awareness Because of the importance of our region Not only its geographical location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, but also… Because of its place in the development of Western thought And the important contribution we made to shaping what we call today “Western culture.”

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An emotional and exciting lesson that left the students with the most important thought: “What I feel like saying to these children – concluded Burberry – is Stady Not because it is imposed, but Because it is a tool for growth and what will give us the possibility of obtaining the best possible role in society».

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