They prevented me from entering the bathroom after landing.

Al Bano misadventures on the plane to Zagreb, where he goes to celebrate the graduation of his daughter Kristel Carisi, who has just become a Doctor of Arts at Harvard University in Boston and has been living in Croatia for years. “When I went downstairs, I asked to go to the bathroom, but I was prevented, which is unacceptable,” the singer explains. Return from the concert in Arena di Verona to celebrate his 80th birthday, completed on May 20. “I was sitting on seat 1A, had prostate surgery, and the moment I got off I needed the bathroom and asked to use it,” explains Al Bano. “Meanwhile the ladder that he had attached to the inner door for us to descend had blocked it, and the passage was full of people. The flight attendant replied that it was not possible and ordered me to sit down. I raised my voice because it was absurd. I asked to speak to the commander, but nothing. Al Bano explained that «a Croatian lady who spoke Italian tried to explain my need, but there was nothing that could be done. They let the passengers drop off through the back door, but they wouldn’t let me go to the restroom there either. In fact, probably because of the quarrel I had with the flight attendant, I found the police at the exit: they put me in a corner and wanted to check my passport. In the end I was allowed to go and fetch my bag.

The ups and downs were over in a short time, but Al Bano had a bitter aftertaste: «I have been flying for sixty years and have never had such inconveniences. I speak as a citizen: it is my right to go to the bathroom, and it is unacceptable for me not to be allowed to do so. Something like this can happen to other passengers too, it’s unacceptable, “he repeats. Now Kristel’s party awaits him: «I graduated with distinction from Harvard University, it is a great joy and great pride», concludes Albano, who will then attend a concert in Estonia in June 3.

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