Happy waking is possible | Thanks to the perfect alarm, science says so

Happy waking is possible |  Thanks to the perfect alarm, science says so

Waking up happy is possible, thanks to the perfect wake-up call. Science says so (Sunday, April 17, 2022)
yoga from Good Night, Last Good Bedtime Idea, Good Quality Sleep: These are just some of the things we’ve incorporated into our routine to make waking up more enjoyable. But do they really work? Personal experiences tell us no. Despite the fact that we sleep early, and do so in the best possible conditions, the same morning drama seems to repeat itself every morning. there I wake up This explodes strongly in our dreams and the desire to stay a little snug in the blankets does nothing but increase our desire not to leave the bed. In short, nothing we do seems to guarantee us a happy, alert, and energetic wakefulness, quite like the ones we see on TV, at least until this moment. In fact, it seems that ScienceI read about Daily

Calmatics 3 : Getting up, finding them alive, tired but always happy is always a great way to start the day!! ??????? – emomanu :RTmecna: It would be nice to wake up happy all the time. – simo3loves : Waking up happy that the bag is already ready, and the desire to see old friends is great: #joy in p… – fukiameist4r : Last night I dreamed of happy and carefree snow peasants who lived their lives in Alaska and it was very painful… – Vitellozzo :RTRossana_Capo: It’s a life where I wonder what kind of magic some can get up early, get up early and be happy and energetic… –

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