“Le chinuliddhe, a sweet package full of energy”

“Le chinuliddhe, a sweet package full of energy”

(Adnkronos) – A sweet bundle full of energy: they are chinuliddhe. A wonderful birthday cake with a distinctive, difficult-to-pronounce name for those who do not know the Salento dialect, are the protagonists of the last episode of 2022 of Il Gusto della Salute, the online column on good nutritional practices conceived and curated by immunologist Mauro Minnelli, Southern Director of the Foundation for Personalized Medicine, in collaboration with adrenal glands.

“This is a delightful artifact made with one of the first winter turnovers, in a culinary key, of grapes harvested at the end of summer — explains pop culture journalist Marco Reyna — and in fact it is grape jam, or sometimes, quince jelly, that It characterizes, with its savory contribution, this typical Christmas dessert. The word, borrowed from the Leccese dialect, refers precisely to the concept of fullness. It refers to the making of this sweet fried dough filled with jam or, more classically, with grape mustard.”

There is a difference between the two compounds, explains food biologist Dominga Mayo, given that compared to jam, Mostarda requires slightly more elaborate procedures and precautions for its preparation. “From the analysis of the nutritional values, what can definitely be concluded is that grape muthrada is an energy food with a high glycemic index, although it is an important source of micronutrients and vitamins A, C and group B. Moreover, grape-derived mustard also contains They focus on resveratrol, a well-known phenolic compound that has important functions as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,” explains Maio.

Regarding the stricter aspect in terms of health, immunologist Minnelli explains that “Mostarda is a food originating from the regions of northern Italy, usually consisting of fruit, sugar and mustard seeds, and specifies that the more fruit there is in Mostarda the lower the calorie effect, although it does not The abundant presence of sugars can be overlooked, which makes the product not really accessible to everyone, and on the other hand, the energy value of the candy as a whole makes it useful for those who have to exercise it sporty”.

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“Of course it is a dessert, among other things made of fried dough, so the taste alone may not be enough to control its consumption. That is why moderation is needed, says the doctor, especially for those who have to deal with problems such as, in addition to this, the possible laxative effect of mustard , which is not always welcomed by consumers, and an allergy that occurs particularly from the fruit of which the mustard is composed, with the possibility of gastrointestinal and / or skin reactions.The most rational and virtuous link of the unique “health”, Minnelli concludes, capable of giving us years of well-being and vitality “.

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