“Science has made great strides” (video)

The latest solutions in the medical field also in terms of prevention

The conference promoted by LILT at Neuromed and dedicated to Pink October, Breast Cancer Prevention Month, took place on October 6. At the table were professional speakers who spoke humanly and simply to the audience about the evolution of surgical treatment, focusing on the current situation and future challenges. From what it turns out, in the past, there were few surgical opportunities for breast cancer, but the disease that previously allowed a maximum two-year survival can already be treated at an early stage, with minimally invasive interventions also respecting the femininity and sensuality of the woman, which is essential Self-esteem and body awareness. Among the cutting-edge solutions proposed during the conference were chem-free treatments, that is, treatments that no longer involve the long and painful course of chemotherapy. It is clear that it is not yet possible to completely exclude the use of chemotherapy, which is so far one of the most effective methods of recovery, especially in the most advanced stages of the tumor, however, especially if you act in time, it is possible to avoid it in many cases. explore d. Divina Traficant is a question of chemical-free treatments. The risk of death is certainly the focus of attention, which is increasingly decreasing thanks to the numerous prevention campaigns and thanks to treatments already started in the early stage of skin cancer. Also among the speakers was Dr. Ettore Rispoli, geriatrician del Venezial, who explained modern surgical techniques, which are less invasive and more respectful of breast aesthetics, reassuring that plastic surgery has also made great strides and, in the worst cases, managed to intervene successfully.

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