Bishop of Cremona: “Let us be open to science, and prayer alone does not save from disease”

Cremona – “Faith and science can respect each other”. An announced reference to the events taking place in the bishop’s homily Antonio Napoleone, this morning in the Papal Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, attended by many faithful. Monsignor Napoleon, who celebrated the canons, began by emphasizing that the Bible reveals God’s thoughts and feelings, and at the same time kindles “a fire of hope at every crossroads in history.” If it is up to science to explain the contributing causes, dynamics, factors of creation, then faith is based on God’s word: “Let there be light,” and on his assertion that all creation is “a good thing.”

The great yes of God needed the little grace of Mary “to become the incarnation”, the great divine-human harmony, the perfect harmony between fidelity to God and devotion to man, between God’s creative freedom and the responsible freedom of man, because God does not possess, does not limit our freedom. Indeed, the Church in the world recognizes the “sound independence of earthly things, society, science and culture”; Here, the bishop vaccinated him I appeal to Christians not to say “I do not need knowledge, only prayer saves me from illness”, but also For men of science not to get caught up in the “ultimate meaning of life”, don’t believe that “only science and technology will save us”. In essence, the lure of easy shortcuts must be overcome on both sides.

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