Science at the Service of Youth at the Alberti Conference “Help me understand?”

Science at the Service of Youth at the Alberti Conference “Help me understand?”

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The conference will take place on Friday 26 May 2023 at 9.30 in Aula Magna at IISG ALBERTI“Will you help me understand?” Organized by the school and sponsored by the Justino Fortunato University of Benevento. This meeting aims to make students better aware of the delicate world of special educational needs, so that they can gain full awareness of issues related to social inclusion.

The meeting will include speakers Dr. Roberto Giaccchio, expert in neuropsychology of learning and psychodiagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders, DSA Guidelines and Professor at Unifortunato and prof. Fabrizio Stasola is a Fellow in Developmental Psychology at Unifortunato.

This event is a great opportunity for the whole community to learn to experience diversity more naturally and during the session the two experts will try to clarify the issues of acceptance and inclusion.

The novelty, however, is that the recipients will not only be teachers and educators, as is usually the case, but the students themselves, undisputed champions of social dynamics in the most delicate age of evolution where right or wrong behaviors can make a difference; For these reasons, the topics covered by Ghiaccio and Stasolla will focus on cross-cutting practices to be adopted in the curriculum.

The aim of education for inclusion is certainly a social and existential emergency in today’s society, but above all in schools, which are the first place in which children experience relationships crucial to building their personality and where their social identity is formed.

Educating for inclusion does not only mean raising awareness of a disability condition or declining diversity in all its nuances, but requires the maturity of a spirit of welcome and understanding towards the different, which translates into good daily practices.

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Therefore, many thanks go to the School Principal, Silvia Vinchigera, and to Unifortunato, Dr. Ghiacio and Stassola, wonderful experts on the topics under discussion and a point of reference for schools and for all those who work every day to combat prejudice and society. discrimination.

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